Dr Tom Lomax

Dr Tom Lomax is a general practitioner at the Tokyo Medical and Surgical Clinic. After training in the UK, he obtained a Japanese medical licence in 2008.


Health March 2015

Battling an allergy to Japanese cedar

Pollen can be as prevalent in cities as in rural areas.
Health December 2014

Statins and diabetes

Some answers to common questions about the link between cholesterol-lowering drugs and diabetes.
Health October 2014

Guide to Dengue Fever

The most effective way of controlling outbreaks of the virus is to target the mosquitos who carry it.
Health May 2014

A necessary vaccine?

Doctor Tom Lomax advises on who needs to be immunised against Japanese encephalitis.
Health November 2013

Testosterone— a New Lifestyle Drug?

A growing number of men are visiting doctors' offices to find out if they have "Low T".
Health September 2013

Should I Be Worried about My Cholesterol?

If and when we find out our cholesterol is high during a company physical, most of us have three questions: “Is it really that high?”, “Why is it high?” and—as the character Pete in the comedy This is 40 might ask—“Does this mean my heart is going to explode?”
Health July 2013

When the Cure Is Worse than the Disease

Many medical tests can cause problems. These can be indirect, for example when unhelpful or misleading results cause confusion or delay in reaching a diagnosis.
Health May 2013

Well-being or Discomfort?

Only the youngest of my daughters, now six years old, has any interest in becoming a doctor. She is already preparing for her future career; her toy stethoscope is getting plenty of use.