BCCJ May / June 2022

Brave Conversations, Positive Transformations.

The BCCJ introduces new digital project to improve business

It’s an understatement to say that times have changed over the last few years. While the coronavirus pandemic completely altered the way we do business, there are some forces that have been pushing leaders even before the historic year of 2020—climate change, equality and digitisation being the most notable. 

As the world turns to a digital format and sustainability concerns increase, businesses are reevaluating their models. The BCCJ has long placed emphasis on the sustainable development goals of the organisation, and through their Digi-tech and Innovation, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Responsible Business Taskforces, it has been having serious conversations about the future.  

So, what’s next for the BCCJ?

On 27 January, the BCCJ held its Digi-Shinnenkai, at which they launched a new vision project, titled “Brave Conversations, Positive Transformations”.

50 members gathered online to join the event and witness the launch of the project that will set the tone for Chamber activities in 2022 and beyond. The project aims to engage BCCJ members in tackling the grand challenges faced by business and society.

The project is set to engage members and the wider UK–Japan ecosystem to challenge norms, and positively impact our community. 

To push business society forward, the BCCJ team acknowledged that “times are hard. People are tired. The future of work is still so uncertain connection is key”. 

The Chamber is in a unique and powerful position. The business network of almost 200 member companies has a civic duty to address the modern challenge of sustainable growth.

The Chamber team agreed. “Despite the ongoing challenges of the pandemic, the BCCJ does not wish to be a passive bystander. Day to day, we provide an integrated suite of member services to enhance commercial and cultural relations between the UK and Japan. Through our events and meetings programme, we aim to merge the best of the physical and digital worlds to offer an enriching member experience, maximising our chamber’s impact and reach, while keeping our community informed on the topics that matter to them during these times of uncertainty”.

Get involved

According to the BCCJ, “members are invited to get involved with ‘Brave Conversations, Positive Transformations’, enabling us to shape a more purpose-driven, human-centric society that helps drive modern workplace change in 2022 and beyond.

“This initiative for 2022 will bring BCCJ members together and place their business sentiment at the forefront of change, shaping chamber pillars—Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Digital and Tech Innovation and Responsible Business—that are crucial for the future sustainable growth of business in Japan, the UK, and globally.