QUEST TOKYO offers professional education services to families and schools in Tokyo, framed within the rigour and high standards of the British education system.

Simply put, the goal of QUEST's one-to-one tutoring and small group programmes is progress; we establish what pupils seek to improve and deliver a series of tailored lessons to meet that need. QUEST tutoring and exam prep services are designed to complement and underpin study at school.

Through QUEST schools can book teacher training sessions, customised to match identified focus areas of school development plans.

QUEST Learning Support and Therapy (QLST), launched in September 2021, is a new division within QUEST TOKYO, offering an additional suite of evaluation, therapy and support services for parents of children with learning difficulties, as well as training and support in this field for teachers in school.

Areas of expertise

• One-to-one tutoring across a range of subjects
• Entrance exam preparation
• English phonics group programmes
• Consultation on schooling both in and outside Japan
• Support services for children with learning difficulties
• In-school professional development training for teachers