Malvern College Tokyo KK

Malvern College Tokyo (MCT) aims to provide excellent opportunities for pupils’ growth and personality both in and beyond the formal curriculum. We plan to offer the International Baccalaureate at Primary, Lower, Middle and Upper Secondary levels. MCT will be located in the city of Kodaira, which is only a 40-minute commute from the city centre of Tokyo and lies in a highly academic area with more than 50 educational institutions.

Areas of expertise

• The 10th member of the Malvern College Family of Schools
• Aims to be the first all-through IB British-branded school in Tokyo, intending to offer at Primary, Middle years and Diploma programmes
• Support and promote applications to universities throughout the world
• Offer a unique Malvern education, which means excellent academics plus a genuine concern for educating the whole child
• Provide children with opportunities for growth and personality development beyond the formal curriculum: in sport, music, art, drama and a wide variety of other optional co-curricular activities
• All pupils become part of the wider Malvern family and will have opportunities to engage with children in other Malvern schools throughout the world, and take part in exchange programmes in places like Qingdao, Chengdu, Hong Kong, Switzerland, and our school in the UK