Noriko Hama

Professor at Doshisha University Graduate School of Business in Kyoto


Opinion Mar / Apr 2020

Shifting society

Opinion February 2020

From Brentry to Brexit (and back again?)

Opinion January 2020

Of mice and men

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Proposing the three Ds …

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The taxing art of unrequited love

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Let’s tell each other scary economic stories ... like the tragi-comedy of brexit

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In search of the caring economy

Lessons to be learned by the new from the old

The true nature of Donald Trump …

… as discovered by MBA candidates
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What’s in a Name?

Will Reiwa lean on history or carry us forward?
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Coming of Chanchanko Jaunes

Japan-style activism in the 21st century
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Broad, detailed and imprecise

The truth about Japanese statistics
Opinion December 2018

Animal Instincts in the Year of the Boar

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The Offensiveness of Offensive Corporate Governance

Opinion October 2018

Japanese monetary policy …

Opinion September 2018

Love of notes and coins …

… keeps the Japanese brain awake
Opinion August 2018

Pre-Edo warlords

Japan and the EU join forces against the US
Opinion July 2018

New labour laws

Set to create 21st century ninjas
Opinion June 2018

On mad cats ...

... and Japanese People
Opinion May 2018

Dreaming of Tokyoxit

A future where the capital has left Japan

Yes, Prime Minister?

Moritomogate looks like BBC comedy