Business Risk

Business Risk January 2012

UK Bribery Act

The first case tried under the UK Bribery Act was relatively minor: last November, an administrative clerk was found guilty of taking a bribe to clear convictions of speeding motorists from an English court database.
Business Risk November 2011

Fishing for Fraud in the Supply Line

While the triple disaster in March this year severely threatened—and even crippled—some supply chains in Japan, it is all too often that international firms remain unaware of a greater and more consistent threat to their supply chains, namely, fraud.
Business Risk September 2011

Staff Jumping Ship

It could be a board of directors’ worst nightmare—a mass exodus of key executives to a rival firm. Losing key people in unanticipated and dramatic circumstances creates a crisis that tests the ability and resolve of senior management and, if not handled correctly, it can threaten the future of an enterprise.
Business Risk July 2011

The Case for Digital Evidence

The flow of electronic information seems to be forever increasing. We now have incredible amounts of data being stored via the internet, cloud computing and hard-drive storage devices. Well over 90% of important business data is stored electronically and email is increasingly being used as a primary form of communication.
Business Risk May 2011

China Plus One

As the Chinese market grows and operational risk rises, many global organisations are seeking to supplement their Asia strategy by pursuing new countries in the region. For the past two decades, global corporations have opened factories and service businesses in China to access booming Asian markets and profit from relatively low costs.
Business Risk March 2011

FCPA Enforcement

Global regulators are intensifying corruption prosecutions and enforcement. Although the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) took effect more than 30 years ago, there has recently been an increase in indictments, cases of civil enforcement, fines and other penalties.
Feature Article February 2011

Skeletons in the Cupboard

Asia is helping to haul the global economy out of its malaise as US and European economies continue to underperform. As a result of its sustained strong performance, the region continues to attract substantial investment, although the associated risks remain high.
Business Risk December 2010 / January 2011

Are You Prepared for a Crisis?

Anyone who said, in summer 2008, that top financial institutions would soon implode or be bailed out, and predicted the crash of the global economy would have attracted laughter.
Business Risk October / November 2010

Organised Crime in Finance Sector

Recent months have seen more sophisticated activities by Japanese organised crime syndicates, with large numbers of domestic and some international firms targeted by Japan’s yakuza organised crime groups.
Business Risk August / September 2010

Mitigating against Corporate Fraud in Asia

It is generally true that fraud is harder to conceal when credit is tight or during a major financial crisis. Corporate fraud occurs when there is a clear opportunity and detection appears remote, or when the corporate culture is insufficiently robust and people believe dismissal is the worst that could happen.
Business Risk June / July 2010

Protecting Corporate Value in an Adverse Environment

The global economy is emerging from the most severe economic jolt since the Great Depression, but the fallout continues to be felt around the world. Firms can fold with little or no notice and, while a business may be in good condition, counterparty risk or sudden closure of a key element in the supply chain may damage the entire enterprise.
Business Risk April / May 2010

Overview of Asia

Managing and growing a sustainable business in Asia can present unique challenges to foreign multinational corporations and overseas investors...