Executive Director Jan / Feb 2022

Brave Conversations, Positive Transformations

At the heart of change in 2022

It was with regret that the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan (BCCJ) had to change plans for the in-person shinnenkai we had hoped to host at the Prince Hotel Park Tower on 27 January. Fortunately, however, we were in a position to deliver swiftly an online gathering to over 50 members on that same evening. The digi-shinnenkai saw the launch of a vision project for 2022 that will drive chamber activities this year and beyond.

Titled Brave Conversations, Positive Trans­formations (BCPT), the project is set to engage BCCJ members in tackling the grand challenges facing business and society not only in Japan and the UK, but globally.

The initiative will bring BCCJ members together and invite their business sentiment to be at the forefront of chamber activities this year, bolstering our three chamber pillars—Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), Digital and Tech Innovation, and Responsible Business—that are crucial to address the modern challenges of sustainable growth for businesses worldwide.


Through BCPT we invite members and the wider UK–Japan ecosystem to challenge norms and ask hard questions that will impact our community and society positively in the long run. 

Of course, times are hard. People are tired, employees are re-evaluating their priorities, and the future of work is still uncertain. That’s exactly why we are inviting members of all levels and industries to get more involved. Connection is key!

Big themes

The BCCJ is crafting an events and meetings programme that merges the best of the physical and digital worlds, and sits at the heart of these conversations. The global move to net positive is a major theme for businesses and governments alike. Elsewhere, we will: 

  • Traverse the universe (and the metaverse)
  • Educate ourselves on sustainable business practices and environmental, social and corporate governance imperatives 
  • Dream up the perfect hybrid work model that combines the best of both remote and on-site work 
  • Explore how geopolitics can impact your business 

Step up

During the new year party I mentioned a racist blog, which had been flagged to the group last year, targeting one of our Excom members. In response to this incident, we rebranded our DEI pillar to include Equity, and ran our first Black History Month. 

What courageous cross-sector or, indeed, industry-specific work–life issues would you like to see the chamber tackle this year?

Get involved

All BCCJ members are encouraged to get involved with the BCPT project, working to shape a more purpose-driven, human-centric society that impels positive workplace change in a post-pandemic world. You are invited to join us on this journey. 

Chamber Elections

A reminder for members that our 2022–23 Excom nomination period is running from 15 February to 25 March, during which time the BCCJ office will be accepting completed nomination forms for 15 Excom seats. The online election will take place from 4–18 April. The election results will be revealed at our Annual General Meeting, to be held this year in-person on the evening of 26 April or morning of 27 April, depending on Covid restrictions.

For more information on all the above, visit the BCCJ website: www.bccjapan.com