Industry August / September 2010

IT with Service

IT is changing before our eyes. Thus, firms looking for new systems or upgrades should know how to navigate relevant changes to remain competitive; this means, for large firms, ensuring the accessibility and efficiency that lead to customer satisfaction.
Industry June / July 2010

Business Support & Outsourcing

Throughout my career in the Asia-Pacific region, I have enjoyed helping businesses in a number of ways, more recently to consider and implement outsourcing. I have helped large businesses and SMEs outsource key processes and this article features some of the considerations and opportunities related to successful outsourcing.
Industry June / July 2010

Winning Talented Women

Foreign banks have a tough diversity agenda in Japan meeting government targets for disabled staff, ensuring ethnic diversity — and with gender too.
Industry June / July 2010

Financial Services Tax Reform

Many articles analysing taxation of the financial services industry in Japan look at the challenges many foreign operators face: a high tax rate for corporations and individuals; lack of a clear beneficial funds regime (such as that in Hong Kong and Singapore) to encourage fund investors and managers; and an inspection regime that some perceive as being too strict, bureaucratic and time-consuming.
Industry April / May 2010

Cut your office costs without cutting corners…

The economic outlook for 2010 and beyond is looking increasingly bright. However, current conditions are challenging and most businesses are focused on cutting costs, including overheads...
Industry April / May 2010

Make Moving Easier

What is the complication in “Helping People Move” these days? Why is there so much involved in finding that house under budget for someone moving to Japan?
Industry April / May 2010

Expatriate Cross-Cultural Training

What is cross-cultural training and what will I learn from it? This is often the first question newly arrived expatriates and their spouses ask me...
Industry April / May 2010

Blended Development

Some managers believe the best solution to employee development is “Let’s buy a training course”. Perhaps that means implementing traditional classroom training or even an online training programme.
Feature Article February / March 2010

Staffing Challenges in a Complex Market

With the world’s second-largest economy, Japan continues to be one of the most important markets for...
Industry December 2009 / January 2010

Interactive Dialogue

Among the reforms to the regulatory inspection process recently announced by Japan's Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission (SESC) is an emphasis on "more interactive dialogue" with management.