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Asian Accolades

Best creative communications honoured
Industry June 2016

Golden times in IT security

Chances lie ahead for skilled staff
Industry April 2016

Content with context

A fresh look at marketing’s four Ps
Industry March 2016

Chinese tourism drives bilingual needs

Recruiters aim to fill new sales roles
Industry March 2016

Market growth

Economy and tourism bring opportunities
Industry February 2016

Cynical Japan

Survey on trust exposes social issues

TPP and the Asian supply chain

How it may affect your business
Industry November 2015

To be or not to be an entrepreneur

Is it the life for you?
Industry September 2015

The Greek problem


Trials of IT hiring

How to understand the sector in Japan
Industry September 2014

The art of self-branding

Japanese interview candidates need to embrace their individual values, and sell themselves rather than their firm.
Industry January 2013

Building Trust

Established in 1934, the British Council operates in more than 100 countries and territories to spread and strengthen Britain’s influence through the development of cultural relations.
Industry January 2013

The Vision Thing

Leadership is a constant battered by fashion. The best sellers come and go, and their authors flame out trying to extend the brand. We all seem to have a huge appetite for answers, and want to find that edge or glint of an idea that will secure the required result.
Industry October 2012

Let's Meet in Yokohama!

For a broad selection of meeting and banquet rooms, look no further than the Yokohama Bay Sheraton Hotel & Towers. Part of the larger Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc., the hotel is proud of its newly refurbished venues that can accommodate from small meetings to formal dining events and large international conferences.
Industry October 2012

A love of All Things British … Except the Food

It is to be hoped that Japan might, finally, start to overcome the general disdain for British cooking. The success of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, and the vast positive exposure the UK has received this year surely cannot have been for naught.
Industry March 2012

The new rules of money

Planning your finances and understanding how to protect and build your wealth requires professional advice. If you haven’t started planning yet, now is the time to start.
Industry June 2011

Post-Disaster Preferences

Drastically changing consumer preferences and perceptions in Japan since the earthquake and tsunami of 11 March have emerged as the economy took a debilitating hit and then showed signs of recovery, according to surveys by I&S BBDO Japan.
Industry June 2011

What Leaders Need

Unfortunately, for many management consultants and change specialists, the word “crisis”, in either Chinese or Japanese, does not translate into “danger and opportunity”. But perhaps a better translation from the English—and a more accurate definition—is a dangerous moment when one’s full attention is needed.
Industry May 2011

Less Drug Lag, More Development

First of all, we would like to offer our deepest condolences to the people and regions affected by the 11 March earthquake and subsequent incidents in the north-east of Japan and neighbouring areas. The pharmaceutical industry in general, and our firm in particular, are monitoring recovery efforts and focusing on ensuring the continuity of the healthcare system and drug deliveries despite current circumstances.
Industry May 2011

Major Growth Ahead

The pharmaceutical industry in Japan is preparing for major growth. As firms compete for market share in the recovering economy, we see hiring freezes have been lifted since last year, while budgets have been adjusted for an anticipated increase in staff numbers.
Industry April 2011

Lending a Listening Ear

For almost 40 years, one organisation has been at the front line in Tokyo when it comes to community mental health care: the non-profit Tokyo English Life Line (TELL). But it offers more than just a telephone counselling service, having the two additional core competencies of counselling for children and for families.
Industry April 2011

Security Is Key to a Smooth Move

Relocating an employee to a foreign country is an information-intensive activity. Personal information about the employee, their firm, family and budget is collected and sent to relocation firms, realtors and their contractors. In the past, this data was mailed or faxed overseas and filed in a physical set of drawers under the employee’s name. But now, this information is sent digitally and stored the same way.
Industry March 2011

Rise of the Redback

If there is to be a rival to the US dollar as the dominant global reserve currency in the 21st century, it surely must be the Chinese renminbi. Home to the world’s second-largest economy, China is likely to have the highest gross domestic product by the 2030s.
Industry March 2011

2011 Tax Reform Proposals

On 16 December 2010, the Japanese government published the 2011 tax reform proposals. They include changes designed to promote the country as a principal Asian financial market.
Industry February 2011

For a Values-based Education

Faith, intellect, awareness, community and growth are the values-based learning goals of an education at the International School of the Sacred Heart (ISSH). A member of the worldwide network of the schools of the Society of the Sacred Heart, ISSH is a learning community that warmly welcomes international families of all faiths and prepares students for the 21st century.
Industry February 2011

Choosing the Right School

For most expatriate parents, few activities cause as much stress, worry and annoyance as selecting the right school for their child. Negotiating personally held beliefs regarding quality education and those pedagogical principles practiced within a new environment can be difficult, even for professionals in the field.
Industry October / November 2010

Winning the Race for Talent

Ask most country managers or HR directors of foreign multinational firms operating in Japan and top of their priority lists is finding the best bilingual talent. It’s a tough task and when a firm does finally find and offer a job to the dream candidate, can they close the deal?
Industry October / November 2010

Hidden Costs of a Bad Hire

Firms budget for the financial costs of employing good staff, but many fail to consider the potentially severe implications of a bad hire. Before an employee is terminated, substantial costs are often incurred in terms of the time that management spends on corrective action, mediation and negotiation.
Industry August / September 2010

Getting from There to Here

The dramatic changes in hiring seen since January in the area of logistics and procurement accurately reflect the lively movement in market prices. While many businesses are still understandably cautious, there is a growing optimism in supply-chain businesses, as they seek to better position themselves for the expected period of expansion with selective hiring. That said, salaries have not grown to levels seen in previous years.
Industry August / September 2010

How BI Software Drives Intelligent Business

A survey conducted in January by Gartner, Inc. predicts that the list of spending priorities for technology chief information officers will continue to be led by software for business intelligence (BI), the umbrella term applied to methods and technologies used to gather and analyse information for improved decision-making.