Feature July 2011

The Ever-Evolving MBA

The coveted Masters in Business Administration (MBA) is not a new qualification, but in recent years it has benefited greatly from being reinvented, enhanced and improved upon to make it arguably more relevant and important than ever for getting ahead in business.
Feature December 2010 / January 2011

Put Your Trust in Escrow

Less than a decade ago, trust banks had a stranglehold on a business that is known in other countries as escrow, but was still rarely invoked in Japan. Changing business habits — not least the increase in cross-border M&As — and the government’s decision to ease the rules on firms permitted to provide escrow services have led to both a number of established firms adding the facility to their portfolios, and several specialist firms opening for business.
Feature October / November 2010

Shattering the Stereotypes

Many female executives who have built firms and their own careers overseas are frustrated that outdated and stereotypical images of what it takes to make one’s way in Japan’s corporate world are preventing a lot of very talented women from following in their footsteps here and being similarly successful.