Logistics & Supply-Chain Management

Logistics & Supply-Chain Management November 2012

Procurement: Japan’s Developing World

The role of procurement has evolved a great deal in Japan over the past 10 years, with global and regional supply administration taking precedence over local sourcing systems.
Logistics & Supply-Chain Management November 2012

Relocation, Relocation, Relocation!

The past four years have been a challenge for most foreign firms based in Japan.
Industry November 2011

Changing Landscape of SCM Recruitment

As competitive pressures increase and supply chains become increasingly global and complex, efficient and proactive supply-chain management has been transformed from an operations and back-office concern to a factor critical to business success. Throughout 2011, the logistics industry in Japan has been impacted by the continued emergence of the Asian region as a key growth area, as well as the disasters that occurred earlier in the year.
Industry August / September 2010

Getting from There to Here

The dramatic changes in hiring seen since January in the area of logistics and procurement accurately reflect the lively movement in market prices. While many businesses are still understandably cautious, there is a growing optimism in supply-chain businesses, as they seek to better position themselves for the expected period of expansion with selective hiring. That said, salaries have not grown to levels seen in previous years.