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Main Feature June / July 2010

Britain: Open for Business

Britain was an attractive destination for Japanese foreign direct investment long before the yen’s dramatic appreciation against sterling. The doomsayers who warned, years ago, that Japan would pull out of the UK unless it joined the euro zone have been proved wrong. On the contrary, Britain attracts more Japanese investment than any other country in Europe.
Main Feature April / May 2010


"Women are also more likely than men to speak English, which is useful if they work for foreign firms or Japanese firms with foreign clients or overseas offices staffed by foreigners"
Feature Article April / May 2010


There are some ideas so revolutionary, so simple, and so blindingly clever that they deserve all the acclaim they receive. As millions of house-proud people around the world would tell you, the bag-free vacuum cleaner launched in 1993 by Dyson is right up there with sliced bread.
Feature Article December 2009 / January 2010

2009 British Business Awards

It may have been a testing 12 months for firms large and small everywhere, but the BCCJ's 2009 British Business Awards gala dinner on 26 November underlined the excellence in the UK business community here.