Sports October 2017

MICE build-up for major events

Yokohama seeks edge for Olympics and rugby
Sports March 2012

Head and Shoulders

Japan may not have been designed for someone who stands 1.9m tall and weighs nearly 18 stone (114kg), but James Haskell says he is fitting in just fine.
Sports January 2012

Wakako Tsuchida

Four years after her last Paralympic dream ended in a six-person crash on the final straight in Beijing—and put Wakako Tsuchida in hospital for two months—the world number-one is determined to take the gold medal at the London 2012 Paralympic Games.
Sports December 2011

Cycling Challenges Golf’s Old Guard

After battling back from an injury that could have completely derailed his road-race cycling ambitions, James Machin is keen to develop the sport here in Japan even further.