Robert Gilhooly

Robert Gilhooly is a Tokyo-based photojournalist whose work has featured in The Guardian, The Times, Newsweek, as well as in documentaries and books.


Education September 2012

Which MBA in Japan?

It was not so long ago in Japan that business know-how gained on the job was considered to be more important than anything learned from books.
HR September 2012

Future of Japan's Jobs Market

At a glance, Randstad’s slogan might seem somewhat overused. “Good to know you” encapsulates more than 50 years of a firm’s ethos that places value on understanding its clients and candidates. It is also an appropriate adage for the far-from-rosy future of Japan’s employment market.
Hospitality August 2012

Let's Go to the Gate

When the Gate Hotel Kaminarimon welcomed its first guests on 10 August, it did so equipped with a philosophy and long-term objective. Occupying the building’s third to 14th floors it stands out—although not as tall—as does its impressive new neighbour across the Sumida River, the Tokyo Skytree.
Education August 2012

International Schools

While concerns surrounding last year’s disasters in Tohoku and the current economic climate linger, expatriate parents in Japan face a perennial cause of anxiety: where to send the children to school.
Market Entry February 2012

JMEC’s Big Day

You could cut the atmosphere with a knife. Perched on the edge of their seats, the competition participants are on tenterhooks; the proverbial envelope is ready to be opened. You can almost hear the roll of a drum and the voice over the loudspeaker announce: “And the winner is ...”
Sport January 2012

Howzat? New Home for Noble Game

At a council meeting in Sano City, Tochigi Prefecture, on 6 December, the executive committee discussed an item more commonly associated with Commonwealth nations—promoting the “noble game” of cricket. A curious entry, this may seem, but it’s at the heart of an ambitious plan to make Sano the centre of cricket in Japan. Days later, the city unveiled a cricket supporters’ club with the catchphrase “Sano, Home of Cricket”.
Embassy January 2012

Nuclear: Old and New

Alack of fundamental understanding and the capacity to accurately measure small amounts of radioactive components are at the heart of people’s fears concerning nuclear energy. This was an observation made by Dr Keith Franklin of the UK’s National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) during a presentation made to BCCJ members at the ambassador’s residence in the British Embassy Tokyo compound on 22 November.
CSR October 2011

Pride and Purpose

Takeshi Kamigouchi’s shirt is drenched, his face slightly sunburnt and his callused hands beginning to resemble those of a hardened labourer rather than a top business executive. “I think I might have overdone it a bit”, he said, leaning breathless on his spade and wiping away perspiration dripping down his forehead.”