Entertainment July 2013

Journey to the Heart of Nature

BBC Worldwide is teaming up with Sega Corporation to create a new theme park that will use cutting-edge technology to enable visitors to experience the natural environment and interact with the wildlife that inhabits the planet.
Entertainment January 2012


Ricky Gervais, Terry Pratchett and David Jason are just a fraction of the British entertainment scene’s stars who, in late October, were up for grabs at the trade show that ran in conjunction with the Tokyo International Film Festival, in which the UK was a first-time participant.
Entertainment December 2011


From Clapton to The Bongolian, Muse, The Rolling Stones, Beverley Moore, Neon Plastix and even Susan Boyle, British music rocks.
Entertainment October 2011

Blown Away

Down a rain-slicked back alley in Chigasaki, the sound of The Waterboys’ A Man Is in Love wafts from the windows of a second-floor bar. The singer’s voice is deep and mellow; the flute-player’s notes hang in the air hauntingly.
Entertainment March 2011

Japan’s Got Talent

The number of Japanese musicians and singers who have made it in the lucrative markets of Europe and North America is miniscule. Artists who cut their teeth in this market have fared somewhat better in other parts of Asia, but J-pop is still a relatively minor export.