Health June 2014

Heading off pain

Headaches caused by neck-related issues can be addressed by hands-on treatment, posture changes and exercise.
Health May 2014

A necessary vaccine?

Doctor Tom Lomax advises on who needs to be immunised against Japanese encephalitis.
Health April 2014

Hospitals: UK vs japan

If you end up in hospital during your time in Tokyo, rest assured that the level of care you will receive is generally the same as in any other developed country.
Health March 2014

no fluoride, no problem

In this world of probiotics, saliva tests and fancy electric/ultrasonic toothbrushes, I still believe in good old manual brushing.
Health February 2014

“Psychobiotics”: the Gut–Brain Link

Some probiotics are capable of producing and delivering neuroactive substances that may impact mental health.
Health January 2014

Can Depression Be Treated with Acupuncture?

A recent study suggests acupuncture may have a positive effect on those suffering from depression.
Health December 2013

Stand Up for a Healthy Workplace

Studies have shown that many hours spent sitting can lead to premature mortality and contribute to a range of illnesses.
Health November 2013

Testosterone— a New Lifestyle Drug?

A growing number of men are visiting doctors' offices to find out if they have "Low T".
Health October 2013

Common Questions, Misconceptions about the Flu

Now that summer is over, the flu season is fast approaching. Here are some common questions regarding the flu shot I encounter in my daily practice.
Health September 2013

Should I Be Worried about My Cholesterol?

If and when we find out our cholesterol is high during a company physical, most of us have three questions: “Is it really that high?”, “Why is it high?” and—as the character Pete in the comedy This is 40 might ask—“Does this mean my heart is going to explode?”
Health August 2013

Is There a Blood Test for Cancer?

Patients often ask me if there is a simple blood test they can undergo to check whether they have cancer.
Health July 2013

When the Cure Is Worse than the Disease

Many medical tests can cause problems. These can be indirect, for example when unhelpful or misleading results cause confusion or delay in reaching a diagnosis.
Health June 2013

Planning a Trip to Paradise?

Summer is on its way and it’s time to make holiday plans. One of the many benefits of living in Japan is the opportunity it gives to explore South-east Asian countries without having to endure long-haul flights and jet lag. However, there are health hazards.
Health May 2013

Well-being or Discomfort?

Only the youngest of my daughters, now six years old, has any interest in becoming a doctor. She is already preparing for her future career; her toy stethoscope is getting plenty of use.
Health July 2012

Easier Access to Vaccines

A new vaccines company that brings together two of the biggest and most innovative firms in the business was launched in Japan on 2 July. Its aim is to ensure that people in this country have access to innovative vaccines already available in other developed nations.
Feature Article February / March 2010

Danger of New Drugs

Health February / March 2010

Investing in the Healthcare Industry

According to the United Nations, the global population will increase from 6.7 billion today to 9.4 billion by 2050. One-third will be over the age of 60.