Health Sept / Oct 2020

For healthy mindsets

Health May / June 2020

Culture of change


Fit to learn

International schools instil healthy habits
Health Nov / Dec 2020

New Mums: don’t suffer in silence

Health September 2018

Give Hearts for Life

How TELL is marking World Mental Health Day
Health June 2018

Toxic Masculinity

Keeping your mind healthy during Men’s Health Month
Health May 2018

Stress at work

Staff in Japan face costly impact
Health January 2018

Dark side of diets

How pressure to be thin can cause harm
Health January 2018

How to stay in shape

Avoid failing your new year’s health resolution
Health October 2017

Drugs: safety first

GSK adopts new text-mining technology
Health May 2017

Smart and healthy

Emotional intelligence reaps rewards at work
Health March 2017

Before the cure

Preventive health schemes for staff bring benefits
Health November 2016

A Second Home

Maggie’s Tokyo offers new avenue of support for cancer patients
Health September 2016

Meningitis in the UK and Japan

British parents concerned about meningitis who go to a Japanese hospital may find that their doctor doesn’t realise that wanting to exclude meningitis is a major reason for their visit
Health July 2016

Exercise, diet and pregnancy

Dos and don'ts
Health May 2016

Anti-ageing medicine

Health April 2016

Shatter stigma

Health January 2016

You’ve got stress. Now what?

Learning how to cope with life's problems
Health January 2016

Top training for winter sports

Yoga boosts strength and flexibility
Health December 2015

Ski fit

Pre-season preparation
Health November 2015

“Do you work out?”

Health October 2015

Detecting oral cancer early

Be aware of the warning signs
Health August 2015

Shorter hospital stays?

The pros and cons of inpatient and outpatient care
Health March 2015

Battling an allergy to Japanese cedar

Pollen can be as prevalent in cities as in rural areas.
Health January 2015

Smoking and the oral cavity

The impact of nicotine on teeth and gums is both visible and hidden.
Health December 2014

Statins and diabetes

Some answers to common questions about the link between cholesterol-lowering drugs and diabetes.
Health November 2014

flu nasal spray vaccine for kids

The new type offers broader protection against four strains.
Health October 2014

Guide to Dengue Fever

The most effective way of controlling outbreaks of the virus is to target the mosquitos who carry it.
Health September 2014

Having a baby in Japan

What to expect from health care services in Japan during pregnancy, labour and in the weeks following birth.
Health August 2014

Dental Care for Toddlers

Keeping primary teeth until they are lost naturally is important for well-being.