Training May 2015

Modern sports coaching for business


Why your boss is difficult

Training March 2015

Fostering skills in young people

The Duke of Edinburgh Award Programme helps youth realise their potential.
Training March 2015

Mysterious millennials

Young workers in Japan are reconsidering their attitudes to lifetime employment.
Training December 2014

What’s Your Name Again?

Memorising names can be learned and practiced for business success.
Training September 2014

Elites Who Can’t Cut It At Public Speaking

Find out why presentation and delivery matter even more than content when giving speeches to the public.
Training September 2014

Credibility is king in sales

How salespeople can serve their clients better by establishing a professional, competent first impression.
Training July 2014

business plan to enter and expand in japan

A non-profit making training programme supports firms's success in Japan and the development of participants.
Training January 2014

Preparing for “the Next Big One”

The UK embassy has been arranging a series of how-to events at disaster education centres around Japan.
Training November 2011

Bird Man v Bureaucrats

Gary Dyer has a chance encounter with one of Japan’s leading botanists to thank for his current job as a birdkeeper at Kobe Kachoen, a popular bird and flower park located on the city’s Port Island.