Publicity June 2019

What Do You Do When Key People Quit?


Vacuum up cool stuff for your presentations

Training December 2017

Woeful Sales staff

Basic errors for your staff to avoid
Training September 2017

Getting the most from staff

Soft skills revolution is required
Training August 2017

Making a connection

Should I memorise or read my presentation content?
Training July 2017

Skills and tools

JMEC gives platform to new business leaders
Training June 2017

When not to sell

How to know when the time is right
Training June 2017

Positive Mindset for Leaders

Simple steps at the start of the day
Training March 2017

Sales Stories

The true sign of a master at selling
Training February 2017

Stop with The Hard Sell Already

Put client success at the centre
Training December 2016

The eternal sales struggle

How salespeople can maintain momentum
Training October 2016

Designing our presentation

Designing a presentation is a critical stage in delivering one.
Training September 2016

Is Japan’s Ladder to the Future on the Wrong Wall?

We know that Japan has an escalator system for work and education—get in on the correct ground floor and with the passing of time and effort, you get out at the top
Training September 2016

The 106cm cold caller

When the leads are few and far between, desperate measures are called for
Training August 2016

Three critical things entrepreneurs need

Training July 2016

Fresh ideas from JMEC youth

Training plan supports market entry, growth
Training June 2016

Structured project planning

Training June 2016

Real leaders

How to be more successful
Training May 2016

How to network

Training April 2016

Why leading project teams is tough

Training March 2016

Desire, dreams and guts

Training March 2016

Delivering with clarity

What we say and how we say it
Training December 2015

Hustle baby, hustle

Training December 2015

HQ invariably gets it wrong about Japan

Why localisation is key
Training November 2015

Developing soft skills through public speaking

Breakfast Toastmasters at 25
Training October 2015

Buyers behaving badly

Training September 2015

You’re so difficult

Put your first reaction on pause
Training August 2015

Leaders need to find their voice

Training June 2015

Smile power in customer service

Training June 2015

How to command unruly, alcohol-fuelled crowds

Building anticipation and curiosity helps quiet a crowd