Art July / Aug 2021

NFTs: The Missing Link?

Art February 2019

Back and forth

Grandson of Sir John Betjeman CBE studies art in Tokyo
Art July 2018

Rock ’n’ roll icon

How David Bowie is represented by Japanese art
Art December 2016

Japan’s wild side

London showcases rich botanical art
Art August 2016

Manchester to return art to Hiroshima

A-bomb survivors’ work shows human spirit
Art April 2016

Famed photos on display

Hokkaido artist’s work debuts in London
Art September 2014

Trophy Sculpture to Inspire Business Leaders

The Scottish artist behind this year's British Business Awards in Japan trophies gives an insight into what inspires her work.
Art May 2013

Desperate, Joyous and Intense

Is God an accountant or a butcher?” This question, in a modern comedy I once attended, resonates in my mind. I remember an intense dialogue between a man and a woman, with nothing else on stage except two chairs.
Art March 2013

Otemachi Financial City Art Project

Living and working in Iwate Prefecture, I am inspired by the seasonal, solar, lunar and stellar cycles, as well as the countryside.