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Healthcare & Pharmaceutical August 2013

Use of Third Party Intermediaries

According to the 12th Global Fraud Survey, released by Ernst & Young in June 2012, 39% of respondents reported that bribery or corrupt practices occur frequently in their countries.
Healthcare & Pharmaceutical June 2012

Hiring the Right Medical Affairs Team

Firms recognise the value of hiring MD- or PhD-qualified people, but where can they find the right talent?
Healthcare & Pharmaceutical June 2012

Underneath the Hospital Gown

Japan's sophisticated social insurance system offers free access to healthcare, allowing people to visit the doctor for any condition. Most companies offer annual medical checks to employees, creating a further opportunity for patients to be aware of their condition, and perhaps, discover some unwanted truths.
Healthcare & Pharmaceutical June 2012

Fighting Rare Illnesses and Disorders

Pharmaceutical makers are in an excellent position to do a lot of good—and, I would argue, have something of a duty to do so—above and beyond merely developing and providing medicines that are going to cure illnesses and give people longer, happier and more productive lives.
Industry May 2011

Less Drug Lag, More Development

First of all, we would like to offer our deepest condolences to the people and regions affected by the 11 March earthquake and subsequent incidents in the north-east of Japan and neighbouring areas. The pharmaceutical industry in general, and our firm in particular, are monitoring recovery efforts and focusing on ensuring the continuity of the healthcare system and drug deliveries despite current circumstances.
Industry May 2011

Major Growth Ahead

The pharmaceutical industry in Japan is preparing for major growth. As firms compete for market share in the recovering economy, we see hiring freezes have been lifted since last year, while budgets have been adjusted for an anticipated increase in staff numbers.
Feature Article February / March 2010

Danger of New Drugs

Feature Article February / March 2010

Staffing Challenges in a Complex Market

With the world’s second-largest economy, Japan continues to be one of the most important markets for...