April 2016

Top story April 2016

The EU: in or out?

Ambassador April 2016

Can you vote in the EU poll?

UK expats: register online by 16 May
Kathryn Wortley
April 2016

New logic

On HR, business and disability
Lori Henderson MBE Executive Director
April 2016


Stewards with a shared mission
David Bickle OBE President
April 2016

Another chamber year

Wrapping up and getting started anew
Exclusive interview April 2016

Case closed

Michael Woodford’s fellow whistleblower ends Olympus battle
BCCJ Event April 2016

How to change hearts and minds?

London 2012 success can help Tokyo
Retail April 2016

Briton leads Ikea into bright future

D&I April 2016

Call for gender parity

Event fetes women’s work success
HR April 2016

Better deal at work for parents

Support for new HR policies
Industry—HR April 2016

Fresh ideas on hiring

Chances for non-linear candidates
Publicity April 2016

Escalating talent shortage in Japan

Publicity April 2016

The power of branding

An interview with Matt Nicholls
Industry April 2016

Content with context

A fresh look at marketing’s four Ps
Publicity April 2016

The devil is in the detail

The leadership Japan series
Publicity April 2016

The delights of Bunraku

English guide brings culture to life
Travel April 2016

Tourism value

Art April 2016

Famed photos on display

Hokkaido artist’s work debuts in London
JET April 2016

Where are they now?

Understand cultures for business success
If You Ask Me April 2016

Terror and the threat of it

Events in Europe and Asia
Books April 2016

Guru shares how to tidy up

Restore order in your life
HR April 2016

Changing corporate culture

Training April 2016

Why leading project teams is tough

Health April 2016

Shatter stigma