March 2015

Cover Story March 2015

Green fingers grow trade and tourism

Japan digs English gardens as UK science, skills and gear cultivate exports and bilateral ties.
BCCJ Event March 2015

Will rugby union convert the masses?

The general manager of Japan Rugby 2019 outlines plans to promote the World Cup.
David Bickle OBE President
March 2015

BCCJ events, elections offer chances to engage

BCCJ events provide members with the chance to hear about the commercial successes and struggles of others.
Kathryn Wortley
March 2015

Two views

A change of perspective provides insight on UK-Japan ties.
Lori Henderson MBE Executive Director
March 2015

Spotlight on Tohoku

The Duke of Cambridge visits Back to Business sites in the region.
Anniversary March 2015

Tohoku: Broken hearts and humbled

A UK film team has made a documentary that sheds light on the region's recovery.
BCCJ Event March 2015

London’s 2012 legacy, Tokyo’s Olympian task

Lord Deighton shares insights and advice for the Tokyo 2020 team.
If You Ask Me March 2015

Bigotry writ large

Ayako Sono's idea of segregating living areas in Japan according to race has caused controversy.
Health March 2015

Battling an allergy to Japanese cedar

Pollen can be as prevalent in cities as in rural areas.
Training March 2015

Mysterious millennials

Young workers in Japan are reconsidering their attitudes to lifetime employment.
Books March 2015

“Grief is not a one-way street in Japan”

This book has aspects of a journal, a historical narrative and a cultural guide.
JET March 2015

Where are they now?

JET alumnus shares how the programme has changed her work and life.
Help March 2015

Female mental health

Women are more at risk than men of suffering from mental health problems.
Industry March 2015

Value to be found in Japan

The corporate sector offers investment opportunities.
Publicity March 2015

Classrooms without walls

BST works to support the character development of its students.
Royal Visit March 2015

Warm welcome

The Duke of Cambridge makes his first visit to Japan.
Interview March 2015

Steve Borthwick

The former England captain has an important role in preparing Japan for the Rugby World Cup 2019.
Training March 2015

Fostering skills in young people

The Duke of Edinburgh Award Programme helps youth realise their potential.
HR March 2015

What are you worth?

This year's increase in salaries in Japan is not reflective of the need for talent.
Consumer March 2015

How the changing world affects brands

While global brands are popular, a new study shows Japanese tend to prefer local ones.
Publicity March 2015

Forward-looking education at a-jis

Developing global citizens is a key aim for staff at Aoba-Japan International School.
Publicity March 2015

Creating a win–win relationship

Client satisfaction is key for financial planning firm Financial Design.