May 2013


Temporary Staffing Options to Support Your Business

The benefits of a flexible workforce are well known in many parts of the world. However, some businesses in Japan remain cautious about hiring professional contractors.

Finding Everyday Sustainability

From newspapers and magazines to advertisements, we hear how a product is sustainable (or not) and why we should (or shouldn’t) use it to add sustainability to our lives.

Handling Nasty Questions from Nasty People

We have probably all been on the receiving end of it or have been a witness to it. The presentation is completed, after which come the questions; some are fact finding, some seek clarification, while some are just plain nasty.
Cover Story May 2013

Making Waves in Tidal Energy

In a series of sea lochs and inlets on the western coast of Orkney, northern Scotland, there is movement in the water.
Simon Farrell Publisher
May 2013

BCCJ ACUMEN Without Borders

We don’t take sides at BCCJ ACUMEN, whether political, geographical or other. We avoid, of course, favouring England over her close neighbours north and west, as the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish traditionally accuse the media and others of doing.
Lori Henderson MBE Executive Director
May 2013

Our First Contested Election

In recent years, the BCCJ has enjoyed a measure of success and a number of new developments: membership has risen steadily and organically, attendance at our events has continued to grow, while online engagement across seven digital platforms is at an all-time high.
May 2013

More of the Same … But Different

Welcome to another BCCJ year and thank you to everyone who has supported my re-election to the Executive Committee.
Books May 2013

Book Reviews

One of the many great pleasures of reading the weekend edition of the Financial Times (FT) is the entertainment value. Although we more frequently turn to the pink broadsheet for authoritative analysis and information, it is reassuring to know that its editors also see value in more light-hearted fare.
If You Ask Me May 2013

Irony of the Iron Lady

In death, as in life, she was divisive and, no doubt, relished the fact. When news came of the death of Baroness Margaret Thatcher at the age of 87, few could have been surprised.
Arts & Culture May 2013

Arts Events

Arts events compiled by Yoko Yanagimoto.
Health May 2013

Well-being or Discomfort?

Only the youngest of my daughters, now six years old, has any interest in becoming a doctor. She is already preparing for her future career; her toy stethoscope is getting plenty of use.
Art May 2013

Desperate, Joyous and Intense

Is God an accountant or a butcher?” This question, in a modern comedy I once attended, resonates in my mind. I remember an intense dialogue between a man and a woman, with nothing else on stage except two chairs.
Sport May 2013

Howzat for Holyrood Honour?

The Scottish Parliament has recognised the contribution that Alex Miyaji, chief executive officer of the Japan Cricket Association, has made to the promotion of cricket in Japan. In addition, they proposed a match between Scotland and Japan to help the growth of the sport here, and cement ties between the two nations.
Sport May 2013


In June, the quintessential English game of cricket will become the first major Western sport to hit the 150-year mark in terms of documented matches.
Adventure May 2013

Scuppered, Saved and Happy Socks

Utterly undeterred by Tropical Storm Mawar scuppering her initial attempt to be the first person to row solo across the North Pacific from Japan to Canada in May last year, Sarah Outen set out once again from Choshi Marina, Chiba Prefecture, shortly after 3:30pm on 27 April on the toughest leg of her journey by bicycle, kayak and rowing boat around the planet.
Charity May 2013

TELL: “Forty for the Future”

Forty years ago, a lone volunteer in a small room somewhere in Tokyo picked up a phone and said: “Tokyo English Life Line. Can I help you?”
Industry May 2013

Strategy Isn’t the Issue

I recently attended a highly interactive corporate planning and strategy event in Tokyo, together with many prominent local chief executive officers from global players.
Legal & Compliance May 2013

Compliance: Avoiding Traps for the Unwary

Almost all public firms mention their commitment to compliance on their websites and publicity materials. Such pronouncements are important, but they are nothing more than empty words unless they are backed by action.
Legal & Compliance May 2013

Anti-bribery and Corruption Law: Renewed Intent

Firms operating globally should take note. Revised guidance from both the US and UK authorities together with strong statements of renewed intent signal that enforcement actions are expected to continue to heat up in the years ahead.
Poll May 2013

FCIJ Business Confidence Survey

The 23rd Foreign Chambers in Japan Business Confidence Survey received 293 valid responses from members of business organisations and 18 foreign chambers of commerce.
Corporate Governance May 2013

Warning: Reform or Fail

Britain is a global leader in the area of corporate governance and there are many lessons that our firms have learned that are also applicable in Japan, according to speakers at a recent symposium organised by The Nippon Foundation.
Interview May 2013

David Swan

In 2000, we expanded our specialist recruitment business to Tokyo. At that time, not many foreign recruitment firms were operating in Japan.
Interview May 2013

Yuzo Yagi

President, chairman and CEO of Yagi Tsusho Limited
Profile May 2013

FT: The Honest Financier’s Friend

Famously pink and the must-read publication for anyone in the business world, the Financial Times recently marked its 125th birthday.
Anniversary May 2013

UK–Japan: History Highlights

The second part in our series on the 400th anniversary of UK–Japan ties notes some major events that have linked the two countries.
Japanese Media May 2013

What You Missed in the Japanese Press

After Dark: Times Still Hard; Parental Presents; Will New LDP Policies Foment Clock-watching?; Getting Them Young
Media May 2013

News in Brief

Your monthly digest of UK–Japan news.
Media May 2013

Sussex Winemaker Signs Tokyo Deal

Nyetimber is to export its wines to Japan, according to a press release issued on 26 April.
Media May 2013

Designer Launches Second Uniqlo Line

Lulu Guinness has collaborated with the popular Japanese clothing brand to produce her second collection for the label, Vogue News reported on 8 April.
Media May 2013

Return of Classic Bikes

Norton Motorcycles (UK) Ltd’s motorbikes are to be sold again in Japan, after having pulled out of the market 30 years ago, the Leicester Mercury reported on 18 April.