FDI July / Aug 2020

Hitachi signals new rail era in Durham

FDI June 2019

Brexit option?

Event marks ties between Japan and Central and Eastern Europe
FDI January 2016

People issues

The results of M&As in the UK
FDI October 2015

Old bilateral ties draw new train plant

FDI June 2015

Added value of inward investment

Japanese firms support education and community links
FDI April 2013

Africa: Riches and Risks

The risks of doing business in Africa were graphically underlined in January, when fundamentalists opposed to France’s intervention in Mali took more than 800 workers hostage from the Tigantourine gas production facility near the Algerian town of In Amenas.
FDI July 2012

Myanmar: Investor Haven?

A history of political instability, ethnic violence, international sanctions and a lack of legal protection for foreign investors are the hallmarks of the economic climate in Myanmar. But have we turned a corner?
FDI February 2012

Investing in the Best

From Mr. Men to contact lenses, aircraft-leasing, green energy, technology, cars and parts, Japanese corporations are stepping up their deals in Britain. That has, in part, been encouraged by the strength of the yen, but long-standing ties between the two tea-drinking island nations that have for generations stressed their similarities are also convincing more Japanese firms that the UK is the place they need to be.
Main Feature June / July 2010

Britain: Open for Business

Britain was an attractive destination for Japanese foreign direct investment long before the yen’s dramatic appreciation against sterling. The doomsayers who warned, years ago, that Japan would pull out of the UK unless it joined the euro zone have been proved wrong. On the contrary, Britain attracts more Japanese investment than any other country in Europe.