Industry April 2015

Power of the pen

The rise of content marketing
Industry March 2015

Value to be found in Japan

The corporate sector offers investment opportunities.
Industry November 2014

Hopes for rise in Condo Prices

Overseas investors consider Tokyo to be one of the best locations for capital gains.
Industry November 2014

Unlocking Silos and building Bridges

This year has seen a strong demand for talent in indirect procurement and S&OP.
Industry October 2014

Pass the cheese, please

Quality artisan cheeses from the UK are making inroads in the domestic market.
Industry October 2014

Experiences, not attractions

Flexibility in both service and process is the key to success in the diverse international tourism market.
Industry August 2014

Time for a cuppa

UK firm Pukka Herbs has found success in the Japan market with its original brand of "tea cocktails".
Industry May 2014

Anti-bribery and corruption considerations in M&A

Companies considering deals usually perform due diligence on operational, financial, tax and legal aspects.
Industry May 2014

Mixed progress

Abenomics has created new opportunities for premium British cars but barriers to sales still remain.
Industry May 2014

Compliance-related risks in M&A deals

Conducting a review of a target’s business at the due diligence stage is crucial.
Industry May 2014

Fertile field

Government-business relations should be an essential element of any business strategy in Japan.
Industry April 2014

Connect and Engage

Content marketing is considered a very important method for reaching your target social community.
Industry January 2014

A British Education for Tomorrow’s World

Students today need to be balanced, resilient, inquisitive, thoughtful, independent, self-assured and honest.
Industry December 2013

New Rules for Overseas Property

A new reporting system became effective in 2013, with the first reporting deadline 17 March 2014.
Industry November 2013

Changing Landscape of Supply Chain Recruitment

Efficient and proactive supply chain management is a critical factor in business success.
Industry September 2013

End of Brainteaser Interviews

Google Inc. recently announced it would stop using the firm’s famous brainteaser interview questions as part of the interview process. According to Google, the questions were “a waste of time”, and I tend to agree.
Industry September 2013

View from Within

Given the current economic environment, finance leaders and their teams are playing a vital role in business.
Industry September 2013

Employee Mobility and Talent Management

The management of talent and mobility have been popular topics of discussion in the relocation industry for almost a decade. Employee mobility is on the rise, with an estimated 214mn people now living outside their country of citizenship.
Industry September 2013

Killing the Ums and Ahs

Rambling, mumbling, zero focus on the audience, no power of persuasion, and “I Am the Brand” suicide continue to stunt careers.
Healthcare & Pharmaceutical August 2013

Use of Third Party Intermediaries

According to the 12th Global Fraud Survey, released by Ernst & Young in June 2012, 39% of respondents reported that bribery or corrupt practices occur frequently in their countries.
Industry August 2013

How Research Reflects Decision-making

One of the most intriguing things about the market research industry in Japan is just how small it is, compared with that in other advanced economies.
Industry August 2013

New Tax Rate: What It Means

The Japanese government is taking aggressive steps to reform both social security and the taxation system. The goal is to stabilise public finance and produce a sustainable system of social security.
Industry July 2013

IT: the Future Is Bright

The technology sector in Japan has experienced significant growth over the past 18 months. Further, there has been an increased demand for information technology professionals across start-ups, as well as small and large multinational businesses.
Industry June 2013

The Tenant Representative Advantage

Location, location, location. We all know the importance of suitable space to conduct business. Unfortunately, few firms have the experience in acquiring commercial property to effectively serve this need when it arises.
Industry May 2013

Strategy Isn’t the Issue

I recently attended a highly interactive corporate planning and strategy event in Tokyo, together with many prominent local chief executive officers from global players.
Legal & Compliance May 2013

Compliance: Avoiding Traps for the Unwary

Almost all public firms mention their commitment to compliance on their websites and publicity materials. Such pronouncements are important, but they are nothing more than empty words unless they are backed by action.
Legal & Compliance May 2013

Anti-bribery and Corruption Law: Renewed Intent

Firms operating globally should take note. Revised guidance from both the US and UK authorities together with strong statements of renewed intent signal that enforcement actions are expected to continue to heat up in the years ahead.
Industry April 2013

British Isles, Japanese Islands

This year marks the 400th anniversary of the establishment of trade relations between the UK and Japan.
Industry April 2013

From Novelty to Necessity

In a few short years, live streaming video has gone from being a novelty to a necessity for business.
Industry March 2013

UK Firm Pensions: Is the End Nigh?

In 2007, the world suffered the largest financial meltdown of our generation. While this was a key catalyst in today’s pension crisis, it is not the sole issue.