Industry June 2013

The Tenant Representative Advantage

Finding better value for your lease

Location, location, location. We all know the importance of suitable space to conduct business. Unfortunately, few firms have the experience in acquiring commercial property to effectively serve this need when it arises.

Tenant representatives specialise in representing tenants in the leasing, acquisition and disposition of commercial real estate. We are real estate professionals who work exclusively for you, the tenant.

So why use a tenant representative?

  • Independence: independent agent that advocates solely for the benefit of the client.
  • Specialisation: real estate professional with extensive local market knowledge and expertise in site analysis and selection.
  • Value: independence, specialisation in the field, and focus on the tenant’s best interest get you more for your money.

A tenant representative delivers more value to the tenant in a variety of lease transactions. The most common are: helping businesses to relocate from an existing office to a new office; renewing a current lease under more favourable conditions; or providing businesses with ongoing consulting services to develop and implement a winning real estate strategy.

Tenant representatives provide sound and timely advice, from a real estate perspective, as to the suitability of locations, building grades, and even the timing of the move.

Following the search portion of your relationship, you will appreciate the negotiation and real estate contract experience of your tenant representative at the bargaining table.

Often, a firm will shop around by using multiple brokers to search for space, believing that this is the way to get the best deal.

However, a better strategy is to talk to a few prospects and commit to a tenant representative to manage your real estate project for you.

Tenant representatives will often pay for themselves in expediency, better locations, lease terms and conditions. For example, a tenant representative is more likely to negotiate extra months of free rent for you, as they have no separate relationship with the landlord to protect.

Throughout the property search and negotiation process, tenant representatives seek to win the best possible outcome for their client.

My aim as a tenant representative is to provide small and medium-sized firms with the same high-grade level of service and results as those that are provided by global real estate providers to multinational corporations.