June 2013


Managers Are An Unaffordable Luxury

Doing more, and doing it better, faster and with less is driving global business. A cadre of professional managers running organisations is going the same way as the typing pool.

The Trend Is Your Friend

Talk to anyone who is in business in Japan and Abenomics usually will enter the conversation. Structural and financial reforms seem to be the topic of the day.

Cross-cultural Projects Aim for Sustainable Solutions

Green building projects are not just environmentally friendly, but they can bridge cultural divides.As climate change advances, global collaboration may provide solutions for the present and for future generations.
Consulting June 2013

Time for a Change

After years of reporting on a Japanese consumer in retreat, we believe we are starting to see a sea change.
Health June 2013

Planning a Trip to Paradise?

Summer is on its way and it’s time to make holiday plans. One of the many benefits of living in Japan is the opportunity it gives to explore South-east Asian countries without having to endure long-haul flights and jet lag. However, there are health hazards.
Lori Henderson MBE Executive Director
June 2013

A Great Year for Anniversaries

We will host 400 Night at the Conrad Tokyo on 18 July. The special event will celebrate the 400th anniversary of diplomatic, trading and cultural relations between the UK and Japan.
Japanese Media June 2013

What You Missed in the Japanese Press

Abenomics at Work?; Working to Reduce Waste; How Diets are Developing; Cheaper Models Drive Bike Boom
June 2013

65 Years Young

Thank you to everyone who attended Professor Ian Neary’s fascinating talk on Shinzo Abe’s return, titled “A New Dynamism or a New Dead End”, at the Shangri-La hotel last month.
Cover Story June 2013

Women in Business Summit

The Seneca Falls Convention, held in New York in 1848, was the first conference in the Western world to be organised by women. It sparked the women’s movement in the US and could even have inspired the founding of the U.S.–Japan Council (USJC) in 2009.
Competition June 2013

JMEC 19 Winners Announced

The 19th Japan Market Expansion Competition (JMEC) has produced a new crop of 62 talented and capable businesspeople, with Team Aurora emerging as the overall winner.
Visiting Japan June 2013

Looking to Europe and Beyond

From rail transport systems to thermal and nuclear power generation, construction machinery, enterprise-level data storage solutions and automotive components, Hitachi, Ltd. has become a major part of the British industrial scenery.
Interview June 2013

Jeff Streeter

I am from Devon in the UK, and grew up on a farm. I studied English Language and Literature at university and have worked for the British Council—mostly outside the UK—for many years. I really enjoy living in Tokyo.
Award June 2013

A Day of Pride at the Palace

At 10am on Friday 17 May, 2013 we arrived at the south gate of Buckingham Palace to begin a day of celebrations, starting with my investiture as an Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE).
Charity June 2013

Living in Limbo

World Refugee Day is held on 20 June, but for millions around the world, it is every day. Refugees live a life torn apart, and are living in limbo with little hope for the future.
Design June 2013

Creating Colourful, Festive Funerals

The Tokyo-based advertising agency I&S BBDO Inc. recently won a number of prestigious creative awards, including silver at the Clio Awards—major international creative honours—for their advert design for Japanese funeral home Nishinihon Tenrei.
Publicity June 2013

Mars: More than a Cuppa

The modern office, scientists are discovering, can be a stifling and inhibiting space. Partitions cut us off from our colleagues, we are glued to our computer screens for hours on end, and our creative and innovative juices ebb away.
Industry June 2013

The Tenant Representative Advantage

Location, location, location. We all know the importance of suitable space to conduct business. Unfortunately, few firms have the experience in acquiring commercial property to effectively serve this need when it arises.
Publicity June 2013

High Performance; Motorsport Genes

Two new BMW M GmbH models—the M6 Gran Coupe and the M3 Coupe DTM Champion Edition—were unveiled at the New BMW M Model Japan Premiere on 28 April.
Fashion June 2013

An Oasis in Omotesando

Liam Gallagher, former front man of English rock band Oasis, may not seem like a typical fashion lover. However, Pretty Green, the rocker’s clothing label, has been hugely successful since the 2010 opening of its first store in London.
Music June 2013

The 50-year Friendship

As the final note of Bruckner’s Symphony No 9 died away in the highest reaches of the Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall, the crowd erupted into applause.
Film June 2013

Bard to the Future

Welsh filmmaker John Williams has taken one of William Shakespeare’s most well-known plays, turned it upside down, inserted a Japanese rock-and-roll band, and set it 30 years in the future and on remote Sado Island in Niigata Prefecture.
Sustainability June 2013

Doing Well by Doing Good

Founded in 1930, Unilever now boasts products used daily by more than 2bn consumers around the world.
Arts & Culture June 2013

Arts Events

Arts events compiled by Yoko Yanagimoto.
If You Ask Me June 2013

Dragon in Shallow Waters?

What—if anything—are we to make of the recent upset in the UK’s local elections in which the UK Independence Party (UKIP) won almost 25% of the votes?
Books June 2013

Book Reviews

At Home Abroad; Tohoku Comfort Food
Anniversary June 2013

Legends and Facts

A little over 403 years after William Adams became the first Englishman to set foot on Japanese soil, the contribution that he made to Anglo–Japanese relations has been celebrated at the inaugural Anjin Summit held in Hirado, Nagasaki Prefecture.
Media June 2013

Rock Band Signs Asia Deal

Franz Ferdinand has teamed up with Tokyo-based music firm Hostess Entertainment, according to a press release issued on 22 May.
Media June 2013

Artist Helps Beach Project

A well-known Japanese sculptor has visited the Isle of Man to support a volunteer beach-cleaning organisation, the BBC reported on 14 May.
Media June 2013

Oldest, Rarest Whisky for Sale

The Number One Drinks Company has launched Karuizawa 1960—Japan’s oldest and rarest whisky—at the Tokyo International Bar Show, Harpers Wine & Spirits Trades Review reported on 8 May.
Simon Farrell Publisher
June 2013

Never Too Early to Plan the BBA

With a full season or two before the sixth British Business Awards (BBA), it feels strange as we plan—the aircon running—the BCCJ’s flagship event, traditionally held closer to winter.
Media June 2013

News in Brief

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