Publisher June 2013

Never Too Early to Plan the BBA

With a full season or two before the sixth British Business Awards (BBA), it feels strange as we plan—the aircon running—the BCCJ’s flagship event, traditionally held closer to winter.

But why start so early? I joined the recent inaugural meeting of this year’s BBA task force, led by BCCJ Vice-president Suzanne Price, and was gobsmacked by the sheer scale of the work, decisions and details facing the organisers, who are mostly volunteers.

Despite each previous BBA evening having been a huge success—last year’s drew a record number of nominations and a sell-out 180 guests—many fresh ideas were tabled to present an even better one in 2013.

I learned that, while many elements of the 2013 BBA are not yet confirmed—some are revealed by BCCJ Executive Director Lori Henderson MBE and BCCJ President Alison Jambert—one certainty is that guests will enjoy a very special black tie evening on 1 November at the Mandarin Oriental Tokyo.

Featured will be British-themed—and unique in Japan—ambience, as well as high-quality food, beverages and entertainment plus, naturally, the much-anticipated awards ceremony itself.

It may be a cliché to say that everyone’s a winner, but the fact is—even for those who do not win an award—just being nominated can be a priceless treat for accompanying clients, staff, vendors, investors, friends and even family members.

Less well known is that the nomination procedure is also a rare chance, indeed, to help firms identify their strengths, weaknesses and potential.

To actually be a winner at the BBA—which recognises excellence and promotes success, innovation, social contributions, ethical behaviour and environmental sustainability—is a prestigious endorsement of projects, initiatives and other achievements that can be used in future marketing material.

Often it is said that few people can put on a bash like the British, so expect your Japanese and other anglophile associates to be especially curious about—and keen to attend—the proceedings.

Needless to say, corporate tables—especially the “best ones” near the stage—are in demand from day one so, as they say, you are advised to book early; BCCJ members will be informed when bookings and nominations can be accepted.

Having helped with a number of BBA nominations in the past, I am familiar with the emotions involved, and can assure you the BBA is a very special ceremony. The awards are keenly contested and eagerly accepted, and I look forward to seeing you on the night.