September 2014

IT September 2014

Cyber Security Needs for Japan's future

Creating global communities for cooperation is the key to guard against increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks.
Art September 2014

Trophy Sculpture to Inspire Business Leaders

The Scottish artist behind this year's British Business Awards in Japan trophies gives an insight into what inspires her work.
Training September 2014

Elites Who Can’t Cut It At Public Speaking

Find out why presentation and delivery matter even more than content when giving speeches to the public.
Society September 2014

The rise of modern dads

As the trend grows for Japanese men to spend more time on the upbringing of their children, so do associated business opportunities.
Arts September 2014


UK arts events in Japan
Media September 2014

News in brief

Your monthly digest of UK-Japan media reports
Export To Japan September 2014

Hiring firms note solid demand

Top-quality, experienced candidates are increasingly needed for both Japanese and foreign firms.
Creative September 2014

Selling the snapper’s dream

Reconnecting with the market and cross-promotion proved the key to brand success for one British president.
Finance September 2014

Examining UK Inheritance Tax

Prior planning can reduce or negate the potentially damaging effect on your wealth following the death of a loved one.
Health September 2014

Having a baby in Japan

What to expect from health care services in Japan during pregnancy, labour and in the weeks following birth.
Help September 2014

Raising Awareness of Suicide

World Suicide Prevention Day on 10 September highlighted the role that connections play in the fight against suicide.
Industry September 2014

The art of self-branding

Japanese interview candidates need to embrace their individual values, and sell themselves rather than their firm.
If You Ask Me September 2014

A writer’s responsibility

How the role a journalist plays can shape society, for better or worse.
Interview September 2014

Branding with the human touch

How one UK firm is tapping into Britishness to compete with the domestic auto industry.
JET September 2014

Where are they now?

JET alumnus shares the positive and long-lasting impact of the programme.
London Calling September 2014

Marking 100 years since World War I

Programmes, events and exhibitions shed new light on lessons to be learned from the conflict that struck the globe.
Publicity September 2014

Quality and community bring school success

British School in Tokyo: We are working hard to develop a confident, caring and outward-looking mindset in our students.
Publicity September 2014

Working towards a borderless job market

When hiring, firms should focus on the overall skill set of an applicant rather than prioritising language ability.
Publicity September 2014

Economic growth boosts hiring

Competition for bilingual professionals increases as the number of jobs available exceeds the number of job applicants.
Cover Story September 2014

Inspired minds

UK-Japan youth programme uses science and engineering as a cultural bridge for international understanding.
Training September 2014

Credibility is king in sales

How salespeople can serve their clients better by establishing a professional, competent first impression.
David Bickle OBE President
September 2014

Welcoming tourists and new initiatives

The BCCJ explores current fields of growth and topical issues to provide a top quality range of events for members.
Lori Henderson MBE Executive Director
September 2014

Snapshots from the BCCJ ecosystem

Tapping into lessons learned to offer value to firms, and embrace opportunities to address diversity in business.
Kathryn Wortley
September 2014

Making the grade

Initiatives that develop the skills of women and youth welcome as UK firms announce increasing demand for specialist staff.
Media September 2014

Air force units share best practices

A fighter squadron in the UK hosted officers from the Japanese Air Self Defense Force to provide details on their typhoon aircraft.
Media September 2014

BA, JAL fly high in vanity kit poll

Japanese and UK firms were among those that received top scores in a recent survey of complementary airline cosmetics.
Media September 2014

Noodle shop plans fusion menu abroad

A ramen chain plans to marry Japanese flavours and British products at its first Europe-based restaurant in London.
Media September 2014

Toast for top sales of national drink

Sake is a hit in London, with bars and restaurants reporting a higher than expected uptake and interest in the product.
Books September 2014

I’ll drink to that

Sake Confidential unlocks the mysteries of Japan's national drink.
Japanese Media September 2014

Japan news

Legal changes eyed for all-night dancing; self-service set to help customers and shops; theme parks diversify to gain new revenue