Export To Japan September 2014

Hiring firms note solid demand

British firms operating in the recruitment sector in Japan report “tremendous demand” for qualified and capable staff across the majority of key industrial sectors. This statement is another indication that the country has shrugged off the worst of the global economic crisis of 2008.

“There is tremendous demand for top-quality and experienced candidates in Japan”, said Basil Le Roux, managing director of the Michael Page Group.

“For our foreign clients, Japan is a large market, and Japanese consumers make for good customers”, Le Roux explained. “It’s not surprising that so many companies want to open here”.

“However, the reality is that unemployment is low, and Japan has lots of strong brands and companies that [in some cases] have literally been around for hundreds of years”, he added. “Japanese workers aren’t so easily enticed to join foreign firms. This creates a strong demand for foreign clients”.

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