Export To Japan November 2014

early adopters like innovation

Camera imaging technology, developed by a UK firm, has been well received worldwide following its launch in Japan.

At a time when digital cameras were new to the industry, Apical Ltd. developed a revolutionary new technology based on how the eye works. Japan, widely known for being an early adopter of technology, was the ideal first market.

“Our story is unique, I suppose, because we started out and built our success in Japan first, before breaking into any other markets”, said Michael Tusch, who founded the firm in 2002.

“We knew we had technology that other companies wanted, and the idea of our potential is what gave us the confidence to keep coming back to Japan”.

Apical’s technology was introduced into the DSC and DSLR market by Olympus, Sony and Nikon, and was later adopted by smartphone firms pioneering high-quality cameras including Sony-Ericsson and Sharp.

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