November 2014


Making Yourself Clear

Engaging the audience with a dynamic delivery is as important as the content of the message.

Culprits of Falling Fish Stocks

Academics call for monitoring and conservation of the marine ecosystem to protect against overfishing.

What Makes Us Fans

New research shows how and why people develop a fondness for a particular sports person or team.
Media November 2014


Your monthly digest of UK-Japan media reports
Export To Japan November 2014

army skills for business success

A British firm is instilling leadership in Japanese businesses.
Diversity November 2014

Challenges Persist for Working Women

Lack of confidence restrains the professional lives of Japanese women.
Books November 2014

A dash of flavour chemistry

This book explores the secrets of umami, the fifth taste.
BCCJ Event November 2014

Member Knowhow for Export Success

The BCCJ signs a pact with the UK government to help British businesses enter the Japanese market.
Arts November 2014


UK arts events in Japan
Industry November 2014

Hopes for rise in Condo Prices

Overseas investors consider Tokyo to be one of the best locations for capital gains.
Industry November 2014

Unlocking Silos and building Bridges

This year has seen a strong demand for talent in indirect procurement and S&OP.
Help November 2014

Orange Ribbons for Child Abuse prevention

Professional advice, consultations and workshops are available in Japan.
Health November 2014

flu nasal spray vaccine for kids

The new type offers broader protection against four strains.
Lori Henderson MBE Executive Director
November 2014

Cultural and commercial bridges

BCCJ ACUMEN is a resource for education; bilingual posts on the BCCJ website cater to a wider audience
Education November 2014

Caring To Teach the Unreached

The British School in Tokyo has partnered with United World Schools to support education in Cambodia.
Kathryn Wortley
November 2014

Love of British business

Japanese firms and consumers lap up the innovative products and services of the four nations.
Export To Japan November 2014

early adopters like innovation

A British firm's new camera imaging technology is warmly received in Japan.
Media November 2014

New course to boost bilateral ties

A Japanese studies course at Durham University aims to serve both the institution and Japan.
Media November 2014

N. Irish cheddar export deal

A leading dairy cooperative will bring its cheese range to Japan is a new deal with Hoko Co., Ltd.
Media November 2014

Films win NHK awards

British creations are recognised in an international contest for educational media.
Leisure November 2014

Brompton: on the right track

The colour and compact size of the British firm's bicycles have proven popular here.
JET November 2014

Where are they now?

JET alumnus shares how the programme has influenced his work and life.
Japanese Media November 2014


Unsure plight of general retailers; buyers get savvy about e-commerce; poll: more students of foreign languages
If You Ask Me November 2014

Who Shall Inherit the Earth?

Environmental laureates urge global citizens to agree on actions to address climate change.
CSR November 2014

Showroom tie-up raises charity profile

A special exhibition of animals saved by Animal Refuge Kansai has been on display in a Tokyo car dealership.
Cover Story November 2014

Pet heaven

British firms and groups provide support to not-for-profit organisation Animal Refuge Kansai for the construction of a new pet sanctuary in Hyogo Prefecture.
Publicity November 2014

Breaking ground in the skies

British Airways aims to offer options by providing flights to the UK from both of Tokyo's international airports.
David Bickle OBE President
November 2014

Sparking dialogue

The BCCJ is to receive funding to work on the opportunities available to UK firms in Japan's upcoming sporting events.
Media November 2014

Firm relishes new market

Cumbrian preserve business visits Tokyo as part of a mission organised by UK Trade & Investment.