Innovation October 2017

How to sell a “hair-brained” idea

How the Tangle Teezer founder overcame a Dragons’ Den setback to build a multi-million pound hair care business
Innovation July 2016

War against killer diseases

UK firms appeals for global proactive approach
Innovation December 2015

Top tech and brands turn heads

From respected heritage to futuristic vehicles
Innovation October 2015

Embracing diversity

Paralympians share their experiences working at a UK firm
Innovation July 2015

Appealing to early adopters

Briton leads first face-recognition home video camera into Japan market
Innovation March 2014

Global View of Progress

Original thinking is just what Japan requires as it strives to emerge from a long, painful recession.
Innovation June 2012

What's Your Point?

On the water, Richard Parslow and Marcus Baur were fierce rivals. Baur, a double Olympian, was one of the top sailors in the German team, while Parslow was coach of the British squad. In numerous championship regattas around the world, they asked and gave no quarter.