Science July / Aug 2021

Regenerative Medicine

Science Mar / Apr 2021

Biotech buy-in

Science Nov / Dec 2020

Not rocket science

Science April 2019

X-ray vision

Muography holds promise for UK and Japan
Science November 2018

The Chemistry of Inclusion

Fostering future female scientists
Science September 2017

Catalyst for change

Johnson Matthey looks to the future as it marks 200 years
Science February 2017

Power of partners

Sellafield and TEPCO share nuclear knowhow
Science September 2016

How to inspire interns

GlaxoSmithKline’s Orange Internship Programme helps people with disabilities or diseases be welcomed in society
Science May 2016

Firms unite to fight disease

Bilateral tie-ups help study on rare conditions
Science February 2016

UK pupils uncover Fukushima Daiichi

Online project fosters interest in STEM and Japan
Science May 2015

Expert slams UN report on Fukushima nuclear disaster

British scientist accuses "cranks" of "downplaying danger"
Science December 2011

Chemistry between Two Countries

The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) opened an office in Ochanomizu, Tokyo on 1 November, with Chief Executive Dr Robert Parker using the occasion to call on the British government to follow in the steps of Japan by increasing spending on the sciences to drive economic growth.