April / May 2010

April-May Letters

No sleaze, please
I think it was inappropriate to feature the “leisure hotel” industry in the Investor column on page 26 of the February/March issue of BCCJ ACUMEN. Even though it might offer some investors a good opportunity, this industry is often traditionally associated with the underground economy that has no debt provider.
Therefore, I believe the theme of the article is not suited to such a well-regarded publication as BCCJ ACUMEN.
H.K. (name withheld)

“Bloody Yank” says thanks
Thank you for the article about Breakfast Toastmasters (BTM) on page 22 of the Feb/March issue of BCCJ ACUMEN. It was terrific to be able to re-live the BTM 20th anniversary gala in your magazine. I’ve pointed many people to the article. BTM is a great organisation that gave me the skills to become a professional speaker and to rise to the top of people around the world who present to audiences about social media marketing. But you don’t have to be a professional speaker to benefit, because BTM helps thousands of individuals improve the vital business skills of public speaking and presentation.
It was fitting to be featured in BCCJ ACUMEN, a professional and very useful magazine that informs on important issues and strengthens the Japan-UK relationship in business and culture. In that regard, you might be interested to learn that not only is my book The New Rules of Marketing & PR (reviewed on page 39 of the same issue) published in the Japanese language (and 23 other languages), but my publisher informed me last week that it was the UK’s best-selling marketing book in 2009. Not bad for a bloody Yank.
David Meerman Scott
Lexington, US

Quantum leap
Thank you for the first and second issues of BCCJ ACUMEN. I am really surprised by the magazine’s quality, in terms of both style and content. Compared with the other two English-language business magazines published in Japan, BCCJ ACUMEN seems to be a quantum leap, not just an evolution. So allow me to congratulate you and the BCCJ Executive Committee members on the launch of this remarkable journal. Custom Media also deserves to be complimented.
Hiro Yoshizaki

Drawing more members
Congratulations on BCCJ ACUMEN. It looks great and the contents are interesting and well written. We will distribute BCCJ ACUMEN to some of our inbound customers and the various companies we work with. Hopefully, some companies will be influenced to join the Chamber when they see this great magazine.
Thanks to all who worked on putting together this very impressive magazine.
Louis J. Pimentel
Crown Relocations Japan

Congratulations on a great publication with an impressive circulation.
Sarah Matsushita
Refugees International Japan