April 2017

Top story April 2017

Three of a kind

UK, US and Asian casinos look for wild card to woo Japan
Nature April 2017

Remnants of the British Empire

Natural History Museum's Treasures of the Natural World on show in Tokyo
Chris Russell BCCJ ACUMEN Editor
April 2017

Stick at it

Hard work pays off
Emma Hickinbotham Interim Executive Director
April 2017

Stay in focus

Sport and diversity events ahead
David Bickle OBE President
April 2017

A vital role

BCCJ makes progress in serving members
Fashion April 2017

Bags of class

Vintage stickers inspire kit designer
Tech April 2017

Play and learn

Primo Toys' new Cubetto toy teaches coding to kids
Economy April 2017

Top priorities

Lord Green on the key aims for post-Brexit UK
Food & drink April 2017

Plates and dishes

British Embassy Tokyo and Wedgwood create feast of fun
Award April 2017

World wide praise

Web inventor Sir Timothy Berners-Lee honoured by Keio
If You Ask Me April 2017

Scotland the brave?

Self-rule poll looms again
Book review April 2017

Eight million deities

The answer to “What is Shinto?”
Publicity April 2017

The “55% Of How We Communicate Is Visual” Myth

Mehrabian’s number has been widely misunderstood
Publicity April 2017

Talent Acquisition

The importance of a strong employer branding strategy
Publicity April 2017

Me For The World

Savings box teaches charity
Entrepreneur April 2017

Make it in Japan

Five challenges for non-Japanese entrepreneurs
Education April 2017

Making Learning Visible

The Reggio Emilia Approach to learning