Publicity April 2017

Me For The World

Savings box teaches charity

Charity often starts outside of the home, and you are likely to have come across donation boxes on display in the shops around your area. These boxes continue to remind us of the needs of the world in the areas of education, environment, health and social welfare.

The world and the international voluntary organisations involved in charitable work are in constant need of the public’s help and donations. But the act of giving is often sporadic and crisis driven.

This is where Me For The World provides a long-term solution. La Ditta Limited has created a charity savings bank box just for your children at home for them to learn and appreciate the gift of giving as well as the value of investing. Every time a child drops in a coin, they will need to balance both sides of the savings bank, in the process thinking about both saving for themselves and their responsibility to give back to the world.

The idea that “charity begins at home” is often understood as looking after your family and friends before others. But the original meaning of this proverb is that children learn about charity in the home from their parents.

Charity begins, but doesn’t end, in the home

  • Me For The World promotes active learning, where children can save for themselves and give back to global communities every day.
  • Children, brothers, sisters, teachers and parents can use the savings bank as a discussion starter about personal and social investing. It extends the values of personal investing from the home to the world.
  • Every home needs a place to store the values of caring and sharing, keeping them fresh and constant in both our minds and action.
  • Parents and teachers are encouraged to use Me For The World as a socially responsible savings bank that advances the values of financial investment and global security.

Me For The World provides a ways to participate in global giving from your home. Parents and children can use this bank as a teachable moment in how to take care of oneself and the world at the same time.

Before this, there was never a collection box that combined personal savings with global giving. Me For The World allows parents and teachers to use the act of saving as an opportunity to combine the personal with the global.

The Me For The World concept was created by La Ditta Limited’s Harry Hakuei Kosato, a University of Oxford-educated entrepreneur living in Kyoto and Singapore.