January 2017

Top story January 2017

Risky times

Confab on UK–Japan ties in a changing world
Aerospace January 2017

Still flying high

UK firms keep their edge in aerospace
Simon Farrell Publisher
January 2017

Guys and LOLs

Taking stock, looking ahead
Emma Hickinbotham Interim Executive Director
January 2017

Happy new year

Wishing a successful 2017 to BCCJ members
David Bickle OBE President
January 2017

The power of networks

Connections as a source of ideas and growth
Education January 2017

Getting results

Japan beats UK in PISA, but test isn’t perfect
Comedy January 2017

Tall stories

New comedy night format arrives in Tokyo
Politics January 2017

Choppy waters

Baroness Ashton, former high representative of the European Union for foreign affairs and security policy, on the value of strong ties in tough times
If You Ask Me January 2017

Year of change

Looking back to 2016, and forward to 2017
Memorial January 2017

Life and soul

Academic and football fan was larger than life
Business January 2017

Enticing talent

More than visa changes needed if Japan is to attract executives
Book review January 2017

A new take

ANJIN—The Life & Times of Samurai William Adams, 1564–1620 by Hiromi T. Rogers
Publicity January 2017

2017: Good or Bad?

Make a commitment to stop complaining in 2017
Publicity January 2017

Global citizens

A place to fulfil potential
Publicity January 2017

Doing more with less

Communication skills and the Talent Crunch
Reflection January 2017

Set your mind to 2017

Signs for the Year of the Fire Rooster