June / July 2010

Entrepreneur June / July 2010

Social Enterprise Symposium

The social enterprise movement, in which the UK is considered a pioneer, encourages positive social change and inclusion, and supports civil society.
CSR June / July 2010

Managing Real Estate Risk

With increasing securitization of the industry, asset owners recently have began to require the independent third-party risk assessment that ERS provides.
JMEC 2010 June / July 2010

Business Plan Competition

BCCJ President and JMEC judge Philip Gibb cong-ratulated Kristi Mackintosh after she took the honours for Britain at the annual Japan Market Expansion Competition (JMEC) awards on 4 June.
Feature Article June / July 2010

But What Does a Coach Actually Do?

A coach is not a consultant, therapist, counsellor or mentor. Let’s use the simple analogy of riding a bike to explain the differences.
Industry June / July 2010

Business Support & Outsourcing

Throughout my career in the Asia-Pacific region, I have enjoyed helping businesses in a number of ways, more recently to consider and implement outsourcing. I have helped large businesses and SMEs outsource key processes and this article features some of the considerations and opportunities related to successful outsourcing.
Media June / July 2010

More Fast Trains

Hitachi, Ltd. said it plans to target the UK, China, the US and Brazil to further expand sales of its high-speed trains, the Nikkei reported in March.
Media June / July 2010

Promoting Bilateral Education Links

British Ambassador David Warren gave a lecture at Wakayama University on the UK-Japan relationship, the Mainichi Shimbun reported on 14 May.
Media June / July 2010

Wind Turbine Investment

About 200 new skilled jobs will be created in northeast England with Mitsubishi’s £100 million investment in a new wind-turbine centre to research building the world’s biggest offshore turbine blades...
Media June / July 2010

Nuclear Power Plant Pumps Deal

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) agreed with Scotland’s Weir Power & Industrial Division to collaborate in the supply and maintenance of pumps for nuclear power plants, JCN Newswire reported in May.
Media June / July 2010

Ambassador Visit

British Ambassador David Warren paid a courtesy call on the governor of Saitama Prefecture, Kiyoshi Ueda, on 19 May, reported the MSN Sankei News website.
Media June / July 2010

Foot and Mouth Antiseptic Imported

A UK manufacturer of Antec Virkon S started exporting about five tons of the antiseptic to help combat the outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease in Miyazaki Prefecture, the Asahi Shimbun reported on 21 May.
Media June / July 2010

Subaru's Horse Trials

Four-wheel drive manufacturer Subaru was the main sponsor of the Houghton International 2010 horse trials held in Norfolk on 27-30 May, the online motor magazine Response reported.
Media June / July 2010

Store Stocks Harrods’ Beer

Mitsukoshi started selling Harrods 1849 Lager on 1 June at some of its department stores in Japan, lifestyle website My Life Note reported in April.
Media June / July 2010

Brand Lights Up Embassy

Popular UK accessories, clothing and fabric brand Cath Kidston, which has seven outlets in Japan, held a reception at the British Embassy on 11 May, Fashionsnap.com and daily newspapers reported.
BCCJ Event June / July 2010

En Primeur, Bordeaux 2009

“The greatest wines represent the ultimate liquid investment”, said esteemed US wine critic Robert Parker Jr. They also make for excellent enjoyment, as was the case at the BCCJ’s Berry Bros. & Rudd (BBR) En Primeur Bordeaux wine tasting held at the Shangri-La Hotel, Tokyo on 3 March.
Business Risk June / July 2010

Protecting Corporate Value in an Adverse Environment

The global economy is emerging from the most severe economic jolt since the Great Depression, but the fallout continues to be felt around the world. Firms can fold with little or no notice and, while a business may be in good condition, counterparty risk or sudden closure of a key element in the supply chain may damage the entire enterprise.
Industry June / July 2010

Winning Talented Women

Foreign banks have a tough diversity agenda in Japan meeting government targets for disabled staff, ensuring ethnic diversity — and with gender too.
Industry June / July 2010

Financial Services Tax Reform

Many articles analysing taxation of the financial services industry in Japan look at the challenges many foreign operators face: a high tax rate for corporations and individuals; lack of a clear beneficial funds regime (such as that in Hong Kong and Singapore) to encourage fund investors and managers; and an inspection regime that some perceive as being too strict, bureaucratic and time-consuming.
Interview June / July 2010

Lord Peter Levene KBE Chairman, Lloyd’s of London

Lord Levene of Portsoken visited Tokyo in March to open the new Lloyd’s of London office. After he addressed a BCCJ luncheon on “Fresh Challenges for the City of London” covering a wide range of issues affecting the world’s economies, he was interviewed by BCCJ ACUMEN writer Julian Ryall.
Investment June / July 2010

HFT: Implications for Global Markets

High frequency trading (HFT) that uses superfast computers and algorithms to exploit fractional differences in share prices, or delays in updating market prices in different parts of the world, can make huge profits with sell or buy orders...
Embassy June / July 2010

London 2012: Much More than Sport

Without question, the UK-Japan relationship is both broad and incredibly important to the economic well-being of both nations. This relationship provides many opportunities for the British Embassy and BCCJ members to further our corporate objectives.
Tax Advocacy June / July 2010

Tax Advocacy

The tweaks and adjustments that Japan’s financial authorities have made to tax regulations in recent years have been broadly welcomed by the industry here, and there is a degree of optimism that the new government, for all its political problems, is at least indicating willingness to consider opinions on further revisions.
Seminar June / July 2010

Good Advice on Grey Areas ...

The popular pastime of pachinko, according to Tokyo-based barrister Tim Marrable, is a compelling parable for the legal twilight zone in which many businesses in Japan can find themselves.
Great British Brands June / July 2010

The Royal Bank of Scotland

Business has been difficult for large, global banks over the past two years and the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) is no exception. The good news, however, is that RBS has restored stability after a near-fatal collapse 18 months ago and is ahead of its five-year strategic plan as laid out in February 2009.
June / July 2010

June-July Letters

Economy June / July 2010

FCIJ Business Confidence Survey

The latest Foreign Chambers in Japan (FCIJ) survey, published on 13 May, shows improvements, in many cases rather significant, regarding the outlook for the Japanese economy and the performance of the respondents.
Main Feature June / July 2010

Britain: Open for Business

Britain was an attractive destination for Japanese foreign direct investment long before the yen’s dramatic appreciation against sterling. The doomsayers who warned, years ago, that Japan would pull out of the UK unless it joined the euro zone have been proved wrong. On the contrary, Britain attracts more Japanese investment than any other country in Europe.
Simon Farrell Publisher
June / July 2010

UK: First Choice for FDI

By the time you read this, the World Cup in South Africa will have kicked off and thousands of Scottish, Welsh and Irish fans will be cheering England’s opposition. Regional rivalry is no less intense in the UK’s boardrooms, offices and factories...
Ian de Stains OBE
June / July 2010

Change at the Top

With the UK elections behind us and a new government in place, our thoughts must turn to what importance the incoming administration will attach to the Anglo-Japanese relationship.
June / July 2010

Committed to Growth

I am thrilled to greet you in my first message as President of the Chamber. As I mentioned to those attending the AGM at the time of my election, it is a great honour and privilege for me...