Media June / July 2010

Brand Lights Up Embassy

Popular UK accessories, clothing and fabric brand Cath Kidston, which has seven outlets in Japan, held a reception at the British Embassy on 11 May, and daily newspapers reported.
The brand’s pretty flower and polka dot signature motif was splashed onto the ambassador’s residence in the evening by a high-powered projector, impressing many visitors.

The event marked sales of the firm’s mook (book-magazine fusion, popular with Japanese girls), featuring Kidston and published by Takarajimasha, reaching a record for all mooks of 1.2 million.
Mooks, which sell at bookshops and convenience stores, come with logoed gifts, such as bags, folding umbrellas and vanity mirrors.

“It took six months of working with Kidston and the editors to finish it. I think we can entertain readers with perfect contents”, said a spokesperson for the firm.

Actress Rie Tomosaka appeared, and celebrity chef Tatsuya Kawagoe served food inspired by “the collaboration between the UK and Japan”. The mook, entitled Cath Kidston Hello From London, was released on 19 March priced at ¥1,500. It includes a pouch, pocket tissue case and folding mirror.

Cath Kidston is popular for its nostalgic, cute designs of small flowers and wild strawberries.