March 2011

Translation March 2011

『BCCJ ACUMEN』Volume 2 / Issue 3のまとめ

Simon Farrell Publisher
March 2011

Building Business Partnerships

People occasionally ask me what the benefits are of BCCJ membership and receiving ACUMEN. Well, apart from the obvious merits of networking, events, information and influence, let me give you a prime example of a modest start-up that partnered with an established global giant, all thanks to the Chamber and its monthly magazine.
Books March 2011

Japan-Bashing: Anti-Japanism since the 1980s

From the “yellow peril” to the fear—now seemingly ridiculous—of a Japan-dominated world, the book looks at the portrayal of anti-Japanese sentiment in Western media, political circles, popular culture and public opinion.
Books March 2011

Lost in Transition: Youth, Work, and Instability ...

Telling the story of the “lost generation” who have experienced the breakdown of secure employment patterns since the 1990s, this book looks at how the system that once channelled young people smoothly from school to work has come apart in the subsequent decades.
Books March 2011

Japanese Consumer Dynamics

The 11 chapters chart the course of the Japanese consumer market from the high growth post-war decades through to the most recent financial crisis, analysing the groups and trends that have emerged, through the eyes of eight contributing authors.
Books March 2011

People Who Eat Darkness: The Fate of Lucie Blackman

“Lucie Blackman died … before I ever knew that such a person existed. In fact, it was only because she was dead or missing … that I took an interest in her at all”, admits Richard Lloyd Parry at the beginning of his book.
Media March 2011

Tongue-tied Takeaways

As “exotic” takeaways become favorite foods-to-go after a few beers on Friday nights, a survey of mispronounced dishes in the UK put a Japanese dish top, the New York Times reported on 22 February.
Media March 2011

Glasgow Accent Comes Top

Japanese speakers of English believe that Glaswegians have the most attractive accent, ELT News reported on 9 February. The Glasgow accent came top for social attractiveness, a survey by Northumbria University found.
Media March 2011

Tokyo Wins Green Award

Tokyo was named the greenest city in the Asia-Pacific, The Independent reported on 17 February. Consulting firm Solidance evaluated CO2 emissions, energy usage, transport facilities, air quality, water, waste treatment, green space and environmental governance.
Media March 2011

Four Firms in Tech Deal

Softbank Mobile Corporation announced it would tie up with the Vodafone Group, China Mobile Limited and Bharti Airtel Limited to exploit next-generation communication technology, the Yomiuri Shimbun reported on 15 February. The partners believe cooperation across the four countries will boost sales.
Media March 2011

Pharma Announces Buyout

Kyowa Hakko Kirin Co. said it will buy Scottish pharmaceutical product maker ProStrakan Group plc for £292 million, the Yomiuri Shimbun reported on 22 February.
Media March 2011

Museum Manga

An English-language release of Professor Munakata’s British Museum Adventure, a manga created by the celebrated Yukinobu Hoshino, will be published, the animenewsnetwork website announced on 9 February.
Media March 2011

NHK Airs Techno Experiment on Family

The Sullivan-Barnes family from Reading took part in an experiment to see how they could live without the technology of the past 30 years, NHK reported on 17 February.
Media March 2011

Olympus Names UK President

Optical-equipment and digital-camera maker Olympus has picked a Briton as president, the Asahi Shimbun reported on 10 February.
Media March 2011

Schools Blamed for Low Ranking

Cardiff University ranked Japan low and Britain high in the biggest global survey on knowledge of pregnancy and sterility, the Mainichi Shimbun reported on 14 February.
Media March 2011

Firms Pitch Fighter Jets

Ambassador David Warren is vigorously promoting the Eurofighter in Japan amid increasingly fierce competition, the Mainichi Shimbun reported on 3 February.
Media March 2011

Haken Hiring and New Salary Survey

As Robert Walters published its 12th annual Global Salary Survey, the firm’s haken expert spoke to the media in February on developments and misconceptions in Japan’s contract employment system.
Media March 2011

New Haneda Hotel Offers Free Stays

The Tokyu Stay Kamata hotel will open on 18 April near Haneda Airport, local media reported in February, and it is offering free stays to BCCJ ACUMEN readers.
Entertainment March 2011

Japan’s Got Talent

The number of Japanese musicians and singers who have made it in the lucrative markets of Europe and North America is miniscule. Artists who cut their teeth in this market have fared somewhat better in other parts of Asia, but J-pop is still a relatively minor export.
Education March 2011

Learning “Real World” Language

The world of business changes rapidly and this has never been more true than over the past 10 years.
Industry March 2011

Rise of the Redback

If there is to be a rival to the US dollar as the dominant global reserve currency in the 21st century, it surely must be the Chinese renminbi. Home to the world’s second-largest economy, China is likely to have the highest gross domestic product by the 2030s.
Industry March 2011

2011 Tax Reform Proposals

On 16 December 2010, the Japanese government published the 2011 tax reform proposals. They include changes designed to promote the country as a principal Asian financial market.
Great British Brands March 2011

Lloyds TSB Bank

Although some two out of three adults in the UK enjoy a financial relationship with the Lloyds Banking Group, many residents of Japan are unaware of the firm’s global size and long history.
Entrepreneur March 2011

Fusion Fingers

The quaint image of a lavender-lined path and pink roses trained around the door of a thatched cottage is one that many Japanese bring back from a visit to the UK. And despite Japan’s own considerable gardening heritage, some want to recreate their very own English garden here.
Arts & Culture March 2011

Save our Souls

In a recession, it is inevitable there will be arts funding cuts, but what are these going to be and how will they impact art’s ability to sustain and invigorate society? With rumoured cuts of 25-40%, arts organisations are facing funding uncertainty in three main areas: government, local authorities and private sources.
Embassy March 2011

Chevening Scholarships

The British Embassy Tokyo’s annual Chevening Scholarship programme offers Japan’s future leaders a chance to study in the UK’s world-famous educational institutions and be part of the future of UK-Japan relations.
Trade and Investment March 2011

Gift Show Nostalgia Trip

Recently demonstrating children’s colouring products at a gift show in Japan brought back wonderful memories of my childhood. This may sound like a strange activity in which to engage, but it is just one practical way we can support UK firms expanding into overseas markets.
Interview March 2011

Keiichi Hayashi

Appointed Ambassador of Japan to the United Kingdom on 11 January 2011.
CSR March 2011

Helping Hands

It’s a busy weekday evening at the Azabudai offices of Hands On Tokyo, where the air is filled with the clunking of plastic bottles and the scent of luxury toiletries.
Business Risk March 2011

FCPA Enforcement

Global regulators are intensifying corruption prosecutions and enforcement. Although the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) took effect more than 30 years ago, there has recently been an increase in indictments, cases of civil enforcement, fines and other penalties.
Great British Brands March 2011

British Airways

British Airways began its new service from Heathrow to Tokyo International Airport, also known as Haneda Airport, on 20 February, underlining the importance the carrier places on its routes to Japan and its ongoing commitment to convenience, flexibility and choice.
Advocacy March 2011

Industry Advocacy

Rules and regulations that are applied to firms in the financial-services sector in Japan have been eased over the past five years or so, a development that has been broadly welcomed by foreign firms operating here.
March 2011

New Beginnings

March is traditionally the month of renewal and awakening from the depths of winter, and nowhere is this more evident than at the BCCJ. It seems like no time at all since I took over as president last April.
March 2011

New UK Trade and Investment White Paper

The white paper demonstrates that trade and investment are critical for the UK to achieve strong, sustainable and balanced growth in the future.
Lori Henderson MBE Executive Director
March 2011

Exciting Era Ahead

Since 1 February, I have been shadowing and learning from our incumbent Executive Director Ian de Stains in the lead up to his departure on 31 March. Following nearly 25 years of dedicated service and commitment to the membership, Ian’s retirement naturally presents the organisation with a significant challenge, but also with the opportunity to learn and grow in new directions.