Dyson pops up in Nagano

Japan news June 2017

Dyson Limited, already popular in Japan for its high-performance vacuum cleaners and cooling fans, has announced its entry into the competitive market for hand-held hair dryers. The initial product launch—pitched to the media by 31-year-old Mexico-born musician Kavka Shishido—happened at the Ikebukuro branch of the Seibu Department store on 10 May, according to the Japanese version of the technology website Endgadget. The dryer features a distinctive cylindrical design and can be set to reach 100 degrees Celsius, compared with the existing limit of 78, thereby providing faster drying and added styling capabilities.

The firm is planning to post qualified beauticians and other staff on the sales floor to give demonstrations. The new model’s suggested retail price is ¥45,000, plus tax. Dyson also plans to offer limited-edition purple-coloured models exclusively at the department store.

Beginning in June, the firm plans to operate a Dyson Demo Pop-up Store in Karuizawa, Nagano Prefecture, a resort area where affluent urbanites go to escape the summer heat.