Welsh cheese certified organic

UK-Japan News August 2021

The Welsh farming cooperative Calon Wen have recently become the first European brand to be certified organic by the Japanese government. 

A 6 July article in DairyReporter said the cooperative has been exporting products to Asia since 2017, with the aid of the Mineichi Group. 

Stuart McNally, business development and sales manager at Calon Wen, said: “Our future plans include expanding stockists to over 120 stores in Japan within 2021, introducing new products of Calon Wen to strengthen the brand and introducing other Welsh brands and products in partnership. For example, Tan y Castell Welsh Cakes and much more”. 

Minister for Rural Affairs and North Wales, and Trefnydd, Lesley Griffiths, said: “Securing new export markets, as well as maintaining and building on current ones, is crucial for the future prosperity of the Welsh food and drink industry. 

“Japan has a population of 127mn, and is one of the wealthiest and more mature consu­mer markets in the world. Food and beverage is the largest expenditure for Japanese households and the country relies on food imports to satisfy consumer demand”. 

Selection of cheeses on a Welsh slate cheese board comprising of Smoked Irish Cheddar, Danish soft cheese coated with pineapple and almonds and Gorgonzola.