To the Editor May / June 2022

Thank You

From Wales for years of support

Like many of us Brits here in Tokyo, the move of the BCCJ ACUMEN magazine—the most effective voice for British expatriates sharing events of interest—to a digital format creates a mixed reaction. I loved entering the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan foyer and reaching for the latest BCCJ ACUMEN magazine. I enjoyed reading about events and issues that related to us Brits—especially if it happened to contain information about the Welsh St David’s Society. The ability of its publisher Simon Farrell to capture the mood of the expat scene in Tokyo and share it with us is legendary, as is the magazine’s ability to keep us all informed of significant events. It will be sadly missed by all and especially by us Welsh as we appreciated the support and promotion Simon gave us. BCCJ ACUMEN will be sadly missed.