Leaders March 2016

Are you engaged?

Raise your profile via BCCJ channels

Ahead of our Annual General Meeting (AGM) in April, we are diving deep into British Chamber of Commerce in Japan (BCCJ) metrics, reviewing our learning from the 2015–16 financial year, and planning our engagement strategy for the coming one.

Business intel
One of our nine communication channels, the BCCJ website is updated on a daily basis. Some of the most viewed pages over the past few weeks include: JETRO Survey; Team GB 2020 Partnership Opportunities: The Impact of EU Re-negotiations on Business Opinion; Annual Global CEO Survey; and Progress at Fukushima Daiichi.

Traffic to www.bccjapan.com has surged 18.1% YoY, thanks to the growing engagement of members (accounting for 65% of visits) as well as non-members (35% of visits).

Maximising exposure
As well as keeping you up to date with news and information—including notices of chamber events and updates from institutions such as the British Embassy Tokyo and the European Business Council in Japan—the site promotes connections between member firms and the wider UK–Japan business ecosystem.

New member updates highlight potential clients and customers, while our marketplace gives access to discounted deals and raises the profile of firms who post offers.

Our Weekly Round Up e-newsletter is circulated to more than 200 firms (over 860 members) on Fridays, and has an opening rate exceeding 40%. Included are key UK–Japan dates for the diary, including trade shows and industry conferences, and external requests for the services of member firms. Members can use this platform to find partners, vendors and resources from among our captive audience.

Marketing assets
Our presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn enables us to make new connections and become ever more closely aligned with the activities of member firms. These sites keep us plugged into global trends and business news, allowing us to share information from influential Japanese and overseas institutions.

Highlights of BCCJ activities are available on YouTube and Flickr, with some just-for-fun UK–Japan snaps on Instagram.

As a member, you can reap the benefits of our comprehensive communications framework, by sharing with our team updates from your firms, and writing industry articles for the BCCJ website. Engaging can help enhance your firm’s search-engine rankings, and open up new avenues for your business.

To share updates on BCCJ channels, email info@bccjapan.com

Elect your leaders
This year’s deadline for nominations to the BCCJ Executive Committee is on 25 March. All members will then be asked to vote anonymously in an online poll for their preferred candidates on 11–25 April, in advance of our AGM on 27 April