Leaders December 2009 / January 2010

Best of British — business, lifestyle, community

I sincerely hope you have enjoyed the first issue of BCCJ ACUMEN. It took us two solid months of hard work to put it together, and many weeks of planning before that.

What surprised me most in this process was discovering the large number of successful British firms and individuals operating in Japan. Brands — some of which I had almost forgotten — are busy carving a niche and competing very well indeed with the best of global business, in very trying times and in what is arguably the world’s toughest market to crack.

Our vision is to help British business in Japan. By featuring BCCJ companies and individuals, BCCJ ACUMEN is an excellent vehicle for exposing business profiles to a readership that is far broader than the membership alone.

But it is not just about business. The CEO of the Japan branch of a mid-sized British manufacturer told me recently that he wants to promote the British lifestyle here — because he likes it and it makes good business sense. His most recent sales in Japan rose a staggering 30% over the previous year.

BCCJ ACUMEN also wants to promote the British lifestyle. By creating a community here to increase and standardise communication between British organisations and individuals, the magazine will also serve as a tool to market your goods and services to members and non-members alike, in Japan and other countries.

In his Foreword on page 7, British Ambassador David Warren calls for “more cross-fertilisation between the worlds of politics, business, academia, culture and sport”.

Well, we’re doing our bit, as the sheer variety of this launch issue shows. We also plan to expand our coverage in the future by reporting on the hospitality, luxury goods, motor vehicle, retail, aerospace and manufacturing industries, and the issues of legislation, women at work, health, manufacturing, finance and entertainment.

Our writers are either experts in their industry or top British correspondents based in Tokyo, such as those from The Daily Telegraph and The Guardian.

Should you or your company have a story to tell, please don’t hesitate to contact me.