Publisher April 2012

Cover Story

Not everyone will find allure in our striking cover shot of a snarling punk rocker; but then we can hardly be accused of being predictable and staid. Rather than feature C-suite shots every month, over the past year the cover of BCCJ ACUMEN has been emblazoned with some memorable images: mouth-watering chocolate, a multi-million-pound jet fighter, classic designer shoes, sleek Jaguar motors, a doe-eyed pop star, and a heartbroken post-quake busker in Brighton.

The choice often is self-evident; at other times, it’s a toss up between two. But what is to adorn the cover is always decided at the last minute—and is never for sale.

Moving to the back of ACUMEN, you can tell it is spring because the number of events is increasing—so we’ve expanded the Community section in this issue. These social pages are a great way to publicise how active your organisation is. But I didn’t always appreciate such pages.

While acting editor of a weekend newspaper’s arts and entertainment supplement, I was bemused by a survey’s revelation that most readers first turned to the back section—the social pages. Not only was I was indifferent to that part, but it drained our budget not at all.

All these years later, I’ve come to understand the reason people like to see who is doing what, where, when, how and why, and the Community pages have become a favourite. So please let me know if you would like to share in print memories of an event held recently, or one you are planning.