Depicting diversity

BCCJ Excom and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Taskforce member creates art inspired by his heritage

James Nepaulsingh is a senior associate at a magic circle law firm and a member of the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan’s (BCCJ) Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) taskforce.

‘Sailing to Drexciya’ (2021), H 73 cm x W 91 cm (acrylic, ink and mixed media on canvas) Artworks: © J. Nepaulsingh, 2021

“The BCCJ is celebrating the UK’s Black History Month for the very first time. The aim is to reflect Britain’s rich cultural tapestry to people in Japan, and the significant role Black people have played, and are playing, in shaping today’s Britain”, he said.

‘Kamon’ (2021), H 65 cm x W 53 cm (acrylic and ink on canvas) ‘Chaconia’ (2021), H 40 cm x W 30 cm (acrylic and ink on canvas) ‘Dripping in Drexciya’ (2021), H 65 cm x W 53 cm (acrylic, ink and mixed media on canvas)

Inspired by his Trinidadian heritage, Nepaulsingh has created a multitude of abstract artworks. Exploring hybrid cultures, identity and the conflict between form and primordial organic shapes, the paintings were shared by Nepaulsingh to kick off Black History Month (BHM). As a member of the BCCJ Executive Committee, as well as the DEI taskforce, Nepaulsingh is heavily involved with the BCCJ’s BHM efforts and has been a key figure in organising and planning events.