Reflection February 2018

Feng Shui: 2018

What to expect in the Year of the Dog

The year 2018 brings a mood of peace. But when it comes to money matters, it will not be easy to turn a quick profit, so our approach to making money this year needs to be strategic.

Feng shui is an ancient method of reading fortunes. In this article, I explain how one might attract luck in business and relationships during the year.

Be strategic
So what is the personality of 2018? Let me guide you through the chart to the right.

It comprises three components: five elements of nature (e.g., water and fire), 12 animal signs (dog, tiger and so on), as well as yin and yang.

In the chart, we can find water, wood, fire and earth, but metal is missing. Each element has a specific meaning that changes each year. Thus, in 2018, metal represents luck when it comes to money.

In 2017, we also had money luck in the chart. It brought us money-making opportunities, such as with the US stock market, which rose to a record-high level, and bitcoin, which experienced a long rally.

This year, the metal symbol is hidden due to the presence of the dog, so we have money luck that is concealed. Use your creativity to find your hidden wealth.

To enhance the metal energy, we should put a lot of metal objects around us. For example, put a gold paperweight on the desk, a metal ornament on the table, a metallic vase in the entrance, and so on. Wearing gold accessories is recommended.

Down to earth
Looking at the rest of the chart, the four wood elements will shake the two earth elements. We usually have many earthquakes in Japan, and this combination of elements means that this year we should be more careful than usual. Check again the location of emergency staircases, rations, water and so on.

We can also see earth elements on the top and bottom cells on the right-hand side. The combination of two earth elements means the year will be stable.

It is important to remember, if one is to have the right approach to 2018, to have a down-to-earth attitude, be friendly to people and try to complete what you have already started—rather than start something new.

Good allies
Among the 12 animals, there are four ally combinations, of which the dog, tiger and horse is one combination. When there is an ally combination in the chart, it brings us good relationships. In addition, it brings luck in terms of victory and success.

We can find a dog and tiger on the chart, but to complete the combination put a horse image or figurine on your desk.

Harmony and balance
If elements clash with those above and below them on the chart (e.g., water extinguishes fire, metal cuts wood), conflict results. Last year, we had three clashes in the chart, and we saw many conflicts in the world.

But there are no clashes this year, so it will see less conflict and be more stable. And we can find four yin and four yang symbols in the chart. When there is the same amount of yin and yang and they are balanced, the year should bring us harmony and stability.

Lucky leaders
There are also some good signs for leaders, as they will be well in control in 2018.

Above is another feng shui chart for 2018. The bottom-right square (北西) is the palace of the father and contains the number one, which, in this nine-grid chart, represents success. It brings leaders good luck. A family with a powerful father is a good one, and a powerful leader runs a family well.

We also see many things pointing towards peace. This might be a particularly peaceful year.

Spend more time with family, hug someone you love, give them a lot of love and go to social events to grow friendships.